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Macroeconomics and Growth

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Growth is the essential ingredient for sustained poverty reduction. The research program focuses on identifying the contribution of policies and institutional changes to the diversity in growth and aggregate economic performance around the world. Studies are organized around three broad themes: foundations of growth, macroeconomic stability and international finance, and governance and political economy. More »


Working Papers

Unemployment and Mortality: Evidence from the Great Recession
Ha Nguyen
Working Paper 7603, March 2016

The Week
Maya Eden
Working Paper 7598, March 2016

The Welfare Cost of Inflation and the Regulations of Money Substitutes
Benjamin Eden and Maya Eden
Working Paper 7553, February 2016

The Great Recession and Job Loss Spillovers: Impact of Tradable Employment Shocks on Supporting Services
Ha Nguyen and Shawheen Rezaei
Working Paper 7543, January 2016

Striving for Balance in Economics: Towards a Theory of the Social Determination of Behavior
Karla Hoff and Joseph E. Stiglitz
Working Paper 7537, January 2016

Weak Instruments in Growth Regressions: Implications for Recent Cross-Country Evidence on Inequality and Growth
Aart Kraay
Working Paper 7494, November 2015

On the Welfare Implications of Automation
Maya Eden and Paul Gaggl
Working Paper 7487, November 2015

Demand-Driven Propagation: Evidence from the Great Recession
Ha Nguyen
Working Paper 7456, October 2015

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