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Macroeconomics and Growth

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Growth is the essential ingredient for sustained poverty reduction. The research program focuses on identifying the contribution of policies and institutional changes to the diversity in growth and aggregate economic performance around the world. Studies are organized around three broad themes: foundations of growth, macroeconomic stability and international finance, and governance and political economy. More »


Working Papers

The Making of Behavioral Development Economics
Karla Hoff and Allison Demeritt
Working Paper Paper 8317, January 2018

The Whys of Social Exclusion: Insights from Behavioral Economics
Karla Hoff and James Walsh
Working Paper Paper 8267, December 2017

Korea's Growth Experience and Long-Term Growth Model
Hyeok Jeong
Working Paper Paper 8240, November 2017

Financial Development, Growth, and Crisis: Is There a Trade-Off?
Norman Loayza, Amine Ouazad, and Romain Ranciere
Working Paper Paper 8237, November 2017

Political Economy of Reform
Stuti Khemani
Working Paper Paper 8224, October 2017

Demand and Supply Curves in Political Markets: Understanding the Problem of Public Goods and Why Governments Fail Them
Stuti Khemani
Working Paper Paper 8213, October 2017

Financial Globalization: A Glass Half Empty?
Facundo Abraham and Sergio L. Schmukler
Working Paper Paper 8194, September 2017

When is the Government Transfer Multiplier Large?
Eric Giambattista and Steven Pennings
Working Paper Paper 8184, September 2017

Assessing Forecast Uncertainty: An Information Bayesian Approach
Fabian Mendez-Ramos
Working Paper 8165, August 2017

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