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Macroeconomics and Growth

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Growth is the essential ingredient for sustained poverty reduction. The research program focuses on identifying the contribution of policies and institutional changes to the diversity in growth and aggregate economic performance around the world. Studies are organized around three broad themes: foundations of growth, macroeconomic stability and international finance, and governance and political economy. More »


Working Papers

Assessing the Degree of International Consumption Risk Sharing
Constantino Hevia and Luis Servén
Working Paper 7867, October 2016

Informality in the Process of Development and Growth
Norman V. Loayza
Working Paper 7858, October 2016

Can the Culture of Honor Lead to Inefficient Conventions? Experimental evidence from India
Benjamin Brooks, Karla Hoff, and Priyanka Pandey
Working Paper 7829, September 2016

How Long Is the Maturity of Corporate Borrowing? Evidence from Bond and Loan Issuances across Markets
Juan Jose Cortina-Lorente, Tatiana Didier, and Sergio L. Schmukler
Working Paper 7815, September 2016

International Financial Integration of East Asia and Pacific
Tatiana Didier, Ruth Llovet Montanes, and Sergio L. Schmukler
Working Paper 7772, July 2016

Firm Financing and Growth in the Arab Region
Juan Jose Cortina Lorente, Soha Ismail, and Sergio L. Schmukler
Working Paper 7756, July 2016

Euro Currency Risk and the Geography of Debt Flows to Peripheral European Monetary Union Members
Eylem Ersal-Kiziler and Ha Nguyen
Working Paper 7738, June 2016

Sectoral Productivity Gaps and Aggregate Production
Rishabh Sinha
Working Paper 7737, June 2016

Openness, Specialization, and the External Vulnerability of Developing Countries
Luis-Diego Barrot, César Calderón, and Luis Servén
Working Paper 7711, June 2016

Unemployment and Mortality: Evidence from the Great Recession
Ha Nguyen
Working Paper 7603, March 2016

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