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Agriculture and Rural Development

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The research program on agricultural and rural development focuses on three broad themes: (1) effective ways to raise productivity (2) supplying public goods and dealing with external effects, and (3) ways to address poverty, volatility and vulnerability.  More »


Working Papers

Estimating the Gravity Model When Zero Trade Flows Are Frequent and Economically Determined
Will Martin and Cong S. Pham
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 7308, June 2015

Formulas for Failure? Were the Doha Tariff Formulas Too Ambitious for Success?
David Laborde and Will Martin
World Bank Policy Research Working paper 7303, June 2015

Costs and Benefits of Land Fragmentation: Evidence from Rwanda
Daniel Ayalew Ali, Klaus Deininger, Loraine Ronchi
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 7290, June 2015

Smallholders’ Land Ownership and Access in Sub-Saharan Africa: A New Landscape?
Klaus Deininger, Fang Xia, Sara Savastano
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 7285, June 2015

Wage Dynamics, Turnover, and Human Capital: Evidence from Adolescent Transition from School to Work in the Philippines
Futoshi Yamauchi, January 2015

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Last updated: 2015-06-24

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