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GFDR 2014: Financial Inclusion Strategies


Financial Inclusion Strategies

“Universal access to financial services is within reach – thanks to new technologies, transformative business models and ambitious reforms,” said World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim at the World Bank/IMF Annual Meetings 2013, noting that more than 50 countries had made commitments to financial inclusion targets. “If they fulfill their commitments, if other countries also set bold targets, and if the private sector responds by unleashing its resources and know-how — then we can reach universal access by 2020,” he added

The Dataset of National Financial Inclusion Strategies is an attempt at documenting these national strategies. The objective of the dataset is to ease comparison across national financial inclusion strategies and assist research in this area.

Financial Inclusion Strategies Map

The dataset contains specific information about each country’s strategy primarily in Yes/No (1/0) form. This includes information about country targets, institutions involved, component of the strategy such as data collection, strategy building and policy areas of commitment, and some country-specific financial indicators. A detailed description of each of the variables is provided in the “ReadMe” sheet.

The dataset includes 56 countries that have adopted national level practices for financial inclusion. The main sources of information are Alliance for Financial Inclusion’s Maya Declaration and the Financial Inclusion Strategy Peer Learning Group; this is combined with additional information from publicly available sources. The dataset concentrates on developing economies that have made formal commitments under the Maya Declaration and countries that are either members of the Financial Inclusion Strategy Peer Learning Group or have been identified by the group as having significant national strategies. Several developed economies, not covered in the dataset, also have national level documents on the subject (such as the strategy prepared in the United Kingdom by the country’s Financial Inclusion Taskforce).

The World Bank does not guarantee the accuracy of the data included in this work.

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