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GFDR 2014: Financial Development Barometer

Financial Development Barometer

Financial Inclustion

This questionnaire is the second round of the Financial Development Barometer , a global informal poll of opinions and attitudes among financial sector professionals. The poll, organized by World Bank Group staff, aims to help identify sentiments, trends, and important policy issues relating to financial sector development. It is a part of a broader effort related to the Global Financial Development Report , a new regular report of the World Bank Group ( ).

Read about the summary of results from the first round of the Financial Development Barometer.

The questionnaire retains general questions on opinions and attitudes relating to financial sector development, which were asked in the first round of the Financial Development Barometer . In addition, it asks questions on financial inclusion, which is a featured topic of the 2014 Global Financial Development Report. (These questions replace those about the role of the state in finance, which was a featured topic of the 2013 Global Financia

The survey asks about views and opinions; there are no right or wrong responses. Individual responses will be treated in strict confidence, and will not be shared with third parties.

The estimated time for completing the questionnaire is approximately 12 minutes. If you have any questions relating to the questionnaire, please send an email to

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