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GFDR 2013: Little Data Book on Financial Development


Little Data Book on Financial Development

Launch pdf of Little Data BookWhich country has the highest number of bank accounts per capita? Which region has the highest percentage of small firms with loans from financial institutions? Where in the world does one find the highest interest rate spreads? Which country’s banking sector has the lowest levels of non-performing loans? Have financial institutions become more or less stable in recent years? Which country has the highest stock market turnover ratio? And has bank concentration increased or decreased in recent years?

Answers to these and many other interesting questions can be found in the inaugural Little Data Book on Financial Development.

The Little Data Book on Financial Development 2013 is a pocket edition of the Global Financial Development Database, accompanying the Global Financial Development Report 2013.

The book provides a quick reference for policy makers, nongovernmental organizations, academics and other researchers and members of the development community.

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