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GFDR 2013: Peer Reviewers

GFDR 2013 Report

Peer Reviewers

Peer reviewers of the report were Stijn Claessens, Augusto de la Torre, Ross Levine, Norman Loayza, Roberto Rocha, and Tunc Uyanik. Luis Serven also reviewed the concept note. Comments on individual chapters were also received from Aart Kraay, Ross Levine, Roberto Rocha, and Sergio Schmukler (chapter 1); Gerard Caprio, Patrick Honohan, Alain Ize, Ross Levine, and Damodaran Krishnamurti (chapter 2); Franklin Allen, Thorsten Beck, Michael Fuchs, and Martha Martinez Licetti (chapter 3); and Viral Acharya, Charles Calomiris, Heinz Rudolph, and Sergio Schmukler (chapter 4). Aart Kraay reviewed all chapters for consistency and quality multiple times.

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