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GFDR 2013: Survey of National Development Banks


Survey of National Development Banks

This survey fills some important gaps in information on development banks around the world. The survey contains new data collected from 90 national development banks in 61 countries. The combined assets of these institutions as of December 2009 were approximately US$2 trillion.

The survey examines how development banks operate, what their policy mandates are, what financial services they offer, which type of clients they target, how they are regulated and supervised, what business models they have adopted, what governance framework they have, and what challenges they face. It also examines the countercyclical role played by development banks during the recent financial crisis.

The survey defines development banks as financial institutions with a public mandate and more than 30 percent of their shares owned by the state.

For more, see De Luna-Martínez, José, and Carlos L. Vicente. 2012. “Global Survey of Development Banks.” Policy Research Working Paper 5969, World Bank, Washington, DC.

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