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Global Development 2007: The Globalization of Corporate Finance in Developing Countries

Prospects for the Global Economy
The World Bank’s Prospects for the Global Economy web site is published twice yearly as an extension to the annual Global Economic Prospects and Global Development Finance. This website encompasses all information found in the forecast chapter of these publications (chapter 1), including information not available in the printed version, such as full databases, regional annexes, analytical tools and statistical briefs among others. 

Prospects for Development 
The website of the World Bank's Development Prospects Group provides information, analysis, and advice on global trends in the world economy, especially on trade, financial flows, commodity prices, and remittances flows, and the impact of these trends on developing countries. 

Global Development Finance (all years)
The World Bank's annual Global Development Finance report combines a diagnosis of recent trends and prospects for capital flows to developing countries with an analysis of important policy issues, and is published in the spring of each year. This webpage lists all reports published so far, with links to their full text, regional summaries, and other related information.

Global Economic Prospects (all years)
The World Bank's annual Global Economic Prospects report explores the short-, medium, and long-term outlook for the global economy and the implications for developing countries and poverty reduction. Each year the report focuses on the long-term analysis of issues that are central to development and poverty reduction, including the East Asian crisis and its impact on developing countries, trade, regionalism, and workers' migration and remittances.

Development Data 
The World Bank's Development Data website presents widely-used, official-source development data from the World Bank and other international agencies. 

Poverty Resources
The World Bank's PovertyNet website provides an introduction to key issues as well as in-depth information on poverty measurement, monitoring, analysis, and on poverty reduction strategies for researchers and practitioners.

The World Bank: For Journalists
The News & Broadcast section of the World Bank's website.

The World Bank: Publications
Search for or purchase World Bank documents.

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