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WB lowers projections for global economic outlook

Migration Brief 22June 10, 2014 -- Developing countries are headed for a year of disappointing growth, as first quarter weakness in 2014 has delayed an expected pick-up in economic activity, according to the World Bank’s Global Economic Prospects (GEP) report. Read more

Global Macroeconomics

Weekly Brief: The US Department of Commerce has authorized exports of minimally processed crude oil. (July 3, 2014) Read more 

Commodity Markets Outlook: Analysis of key commodity markets, prices, and price forecasts (January 2014).

Financial Market Outlook: Analysis of global financial market trends and a forecast of capital flows to developing countries (June 2014).

Global Economic Monitor

Daily Brief: July 11

Prospects Daily

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Outlook for remittances

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GEP Summer 2014

Global Economic Prospects

Developing economies need to double down on economic reforms.

Commodity Markets

Commodity Markets

Food prices are expected to decline in 2014, for the second consecutive year, says the latest Commodity Markets Outlook.

Outlook | Website

Global Development Horizons 2013

Global Development Horizons

In a report, the World Bank examines medium- and long-term forces influencing the global economy.

 Report | Web site | Press | Blog

GMR 2013

Monitoring the MDGs

Annual Bank-IMF reports on progress toward the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Global Monitoring Report 2013
Full Report | Web site | Press | Feature Story 

Global Monitoring Report 2012
Full Report | Web site | Press | Blog 

Migration and Remittances Brief 21

Migration and Remittances

Migration and Remittances Brief 22

International migrants from developing countries are expected to send $436 billion in remittances to their home countries this year.

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