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Weekly Brief Archive - 2012

Weekly Briefs published in 2012

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13 Rising business sentiment in developing countries...(315 KB)
06 Flows into the bond and equity funds of developing countries rallied...(196 KB)

29 After a mid-year slump, retail sales growth picked up in Q3 in high income countries...(238 KB)
15 Moderate inflation in some countries provides scope for policy easing...(324 KB)
8 Private capital flows to developing countries eased in October...(287 KB)
1 Recently released data show real GDP growth...(268 KB)

Developing-country bond issuance has reached an all-time high...(221 KB)
11 Real credit growth has decelerated in recent months...(296 KB)
04 Improved market sentiment and recent quantitative easing announcements... (296 KB)

G3 monetary stimulus likely to increase capital flows to developing countries...(214 KB)
20 Looming US “fiscal cliff” is one of the main downside risks to global economy in 2013...(339 KB)
13 Key developments in Euro-area suggest the risk of an acute crisis...(339 KB)
06 The financial turmoil of May/June 2012 has weakened global economic activity ...(227 KB)

DECPG Weekly on recess

26 Renewed concerns earlier in the week about the Greek bail-out plan...(214 KB)
19 Adverse weather conditions are pushing some food commodity prices...(268 KB)
12 Global financial markets remain sensitive to changing sentiments...(248 KB)
05 Renewed Euro Area tensions cut into capital flows to developing countries ...(330 KB)

Concerns over the global growth outlook and the European debt crisis have negatively affected investors’ sentiment ...(286 KB)
21 Borrowing costs in high-spread Euro Area economies continued to rise ...(216 KB)
14 World Bank Global Economic Prospects report projects global growth of 2.5% for 2012 ...(285 KB)
07 The jump in global risk aversion since April has increased stock market volatility ...(247 KB)

European banks are facing increasing funding difficulties ...(210 KB)
The up-tick in market tensions following recent bank downgrades ...(248 KB)
17 Inconclusive elections in Greece ...(238 KB)
10 Market confidence has been rattled once again...(330 KB)
03 Developing countries’ external short-term debt stocks were down...(278 KB)

April 2012
Headwinds from Euro Area likely to persist through Q2...(277 KB)
19 Private capital flows to low-income countries have proven more resilient...(272 KB)
12 Global industrial production accelerates again...(275 KB)
05 Investors have returned to emerging markets equity and fixed-income mutual funds...(299 KB)

March 2012
Developing-country borrowing costs have declined in early 2012...(226 KB)
22 Heightened uncertainty impinged on remittance flows to developing countries...(226 KB)
15 Developing country retail sales have picked up in recent months...(185 KB)
08 Developing-country bond issuance has recovered strongly in early 2012...(336 KB)
01 ECB lending operations provide support to European banks and sovereigns...(335 KB)

February 2012
Equity markets recover in early 2012...(208 KB)
16 Recent firming of metal prices adds to evidence of a pickup in economic activity...(294 KB)
09 Losses associated with the 2008/09 financial crisis and regulatory tightening...(283 KB)
03 Global GDP growth forecast is significantly downgraded...(382 KB)

January 2012
Global GDP growth forecast is significantly downgraded...(330 KB)
12 Many developing countries remain vulnerable to possible deterioration in credit conditions...(213 KB)
06 Global industrial production in Europe continued growing through November...(336 KB)

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