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Daily Brief Archive - 2013

Daily Briefs published in 2013

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The dollar gained against the yen...(177 KB)
27 Developed-market government bonds remained steady on Thursday...(161 KB)
26 Global equities advanced for a second day on Wednesday...(151 KB)
25 U.S. Treasuries extended their losses in volatile trading on Tuesday...(157 KB)
24 Global equities edged lower on Monday...(159 KB)

20 & 21 - ON RECESS
Japanese equities extended their gains, with the Topix index rising...(158 KB)
18 The dollar rose against the yen for a second day on Tuesday...(159 KB)
17 World shares bounced back from last week’s large losses on Monday...(151 KB)

14 Global equities recovered some of their recent sharp losses on Friday...(160 KB)
13 The World Bank’s semiannual Global Economic Prospects report...(161 KB)
12 The dollar bounced back from yesterday’s sharp decline...(158 KB)
11 Cost of insuring against default on Asian corporate and sovereign bonds..(151 KB)
10 Japanese equities rallied on Monday...(157 KB)

07 Investors pulled a record $12.5 billion from global bond funds... (133 KB)
06 The euro climbed to a 4-week high versus the dollar...(156 KB)
05 US Treasuries advanced, with the benchmark 10-year yields...(157 KB)
04 The dollar bounced back from a 4-week low versus the yen...(157 KB)
03 German bunds and U.S. Treasuries declined on Monday...(163 KB)

German bunds and U.S. Treasuries extended their gains on Friday...(156 KB)
30 Bank of Japan will increase the frequency of its government bond purchase...(115 KB)
29 Global equities and bonds fell today...(151 KB)
28 Global stock markets bounced back from last week’s sell-offs...(149 KB)

24 Japans’ Topix index gained 0.5% today...(155 KB)
23 Global equities tumbled on Thursday...(158 KB)
22 The yen weakened to a three-year low against the euro on Wednesday...(154 KB)
21 The dollar extended their gains against the yen on Tuesday...(153 KB)
20 The yen gained the most in three weeks versus the dollar on Monday...(151 KB)

17 Turkish government bonds rallied on Friday...(158 KB)
16 Gold took another fall on Thursday...(152 KB)
15 Foreign demand for US assets declined in March...(151 KB)
14 Japanese government bonds declined for a third day on Tuesday...(154 KB)
13 The dollar extended its gains on Monday...(151 KB)

10 G3 government bonds declined on Friday...(175 KB)
09 Spanish government bonds declined on Thursday...(177 KB)
08 Equities reach new highs…German IP momentum builds...(134 KB)
07 Global equities extended their gains, with the benchmark MSCI..(133 KB)
06 The yen weakened versus the dollar for a third day..(146 KB)

03 U.S. Treasuries continued to weaken...(157 KB)
02 The Euro and European shares rose slightly...(160 KB)
01 The dollar Index fell to a two month low of 81,496 on Wednesday...(159 KB)

U.S. stocks rose to fresh records on Monday...(158 KB)
29 Global shares extended their gains today...(159 KB)

26 US treasures extended their gains...(151 KB)
25 The 5-year borrowing costs for U.S. government debt fell ...
24 German stocks gained for a third day...(159 KB)
23 The euro fell to a two-week low versus the dollar today...(154 KB)
22 Italian government bonds rose on Monday...(156 KB)

19 The yen fell for a fourth day versus the dollar on Friday...(154 KB)
18 Japanese shares fell for the fourth time in five days...(156 KB)
17 U.S. government bonds advanced for the fourth time in five days...(158 KB)
16 Turkish government bonds tumbled..(154 KB)
15 Spanish government bonds fell for a third day...(159 KB)

12 U.S. treasuries advance amid disappointing jobless claims data...(155 KB)
11 The euro gained 0.4% against the dollar...(155 KB)
10 Japan’s currency continued its slide triggered...(156 KB)
09 The yen appreciated today from nearly four-year lows versus the dollar...(154 KB)
08 Japanese equities rallied on Monday...(158 KB)

05 Japanese equities climbed to near 5-year highs...(152 KB)
04 The yen depreciated the most in 17 months versus the dollar on Thursday...(158 KB)
03 Corn futures in Chicago plunged 13%...(160 KB)
02 Cypriot stocks opened lower on Tuesday...(156 KB)
01 Gross capital flows to developing countries jumped up in April...(156 KB)

29 After hovering around near record levels reached in 2007...(134 KB)
28 Cyprus’s bank reopened on Thursday...(133 KB)
27 The euro slumped on Wednesday against the dollar...
26 Japanese government bonds rallied today...(152 KB)
25 Global equities and oil rallied on Monday...(152 KB)

22 The euro rose and European shares pared some of losses...(156 KB)
21 European financial markets fell today...(159 KB)
20 European shares and the euro bounced back on Wednesday...(160 KB)
19 Safe-haven government bonds extended their gains on Tuesday...(157 KB)
18 European financial markets tumbled on Monday...(158 KB)

15 Portugal’s deficit targets eased...(159 KB)
14 Greece’s troika of international lenders...(159 KB)
13 Italy’s borrowing costs increased in its first bond auction ...(155 KB)
12 U.S. Treasuries gained for the first time in seven days...(154 kb)
11 The dollar continued to strengthen versus the yen...(157 KB)

08 U.S. Treasuries slid further on Friday...(157 KB)
07 European shares pared some their recent gains...(48 KB)
Perceived credit risk of U.S. corporate bonds has eased significantly....(156 KB)
04 Italian government bonds weakened for a second day...(157 KB)

01 Global stock markets were mostly down on the weak economic news...(158 KB)

Italian government bonds rose for a second day...(159 KB)
27 U.S. Treasuries edged higher on Wednesday...(159 KB)
26 The pound fell to a two-and-a half year low versus the dollar on Monday...(151 KB)

Some 356 regional banks will pay back €61.1 billion ...(154 KB)
Global stock markets tumbled on Thursday...(158 KB)
20 Japanese shares advanced on Wednesday...(157 KB)
19 Spanish and Italian government bonds bounced back from their earlier losses...(159 KB)

15 Inflows to emerging market bond funds totaled $2.6 billion in the week...( 159 KB)
14 European stocks (Stoxx 600 Index) retreated 0.4% and the euro weakened 0.9%...(159 KB)
13 U.S. Treasuries fell for a third day on Wednesday...(164 KB)
12 The yen strengthened 0.7% to 93.69 per dollar on Tuesday...(33 KB)
11 Yields on Spanish 10-yr government bonds increased by 6 basis points...(159 KB)

08 Global corporate bond sales dropped to about $48 billion ...(150 KB)
07 Spanish borrowing costs climbed...(155 KB)
06 European equities (the Stoxx 600) fell 0.5% from their biggest gains...(155 KB)
05 The euro appreciated 1.4% against the yen...(152 KB)
04 Spanish and Italian government bonds retreated for a second day...(151 KB)

01 The yen depreciated to its weakest level since June 2010 versus the dollar...(153 KB)

January 2013
European stocks (Stoxx 600 index) slid 0.3%...(156 KB)
30 278 European banks are repaying €137 billion ($182 billion) in 3-year loans...(156 KB)
29 The U.S. dollar fell for a second day versus the yen..(153 KB).
28 U.S. Treasuries continued to decline on Monday...(149 KB)

25 European stocks (STOXX 600 index) advanced 0.2% to a 23-month high...(153 KB)
24 Portugal sold €2.5 billion ($3.3 billion) of 5-year government bonds...(159 KB)
23 Japanese stocks continued to fall for a third day...(156 KB)
22 Japanese yen has seen the strongest ..(155)

18 Global stock markets rallied on Friday... (157 KB)
17 U.S. and European stocks rose...(193 KB)
15 U.S. Treasuries advanced for a third day on Tuesday...(152 KB)
14 Japanese yen depreciated as much as 0.6% to 89.67 per dollar...(151 KB)

11 Italian government bonds advanced for a fourth day...(151 KB)
10 The euro strengthened against the dollar and the yen...(156 KB)
09 Moody’s Investors Service upgraded the sovereign credit rating of Paraguay...(157 KB)
08 Ireland auctioned through a syndicate of banks its first bond...(151 KB)
07 Global equities turned lower on Monday...(150 KB)

04 Global The Standard &Poor’s 500 Index added 0.1% in Friday morning trade...(157 KB)
03 Global stock markets rally stalled on Thursday...(157 KB)
02 Global stock markets rallied on U.S. budget deal...(162 KB)

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