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Data and Simulations

Data Simulations

Data Simulations offer the interested reader an opportunity to explore the report further by providing three interactive widgets that: (a) graphically plot saving, investment, and current accounts for a user-selected set of countries/aggregates; (b) simulate infrastructure investment needs by country and infrastructure sector for different assumptions than those made in the report; (c) simulate public expenditures on the social sectors using different assumptions than those made in the report. Note: These simulations are provided "as-is," and there is no guarantee that the simulated results are necessarily reasonable, and therefore should be interpreted with caution.

Tables and Figures

Download the underlying data accompanying all the tables, figures, and maps in the report, in Excel format. Figures are also provided in Excel format, embedded in the spreadsheet.

All Data on Saving and Investment

Download all key series (investment, saving, current account balance, GDP, GNI, and population) for all the 17 country-regions considered in the report, from 2000 to 2030. Series are provided in both current and constant 2010 U.S. dollars. Note: Current series for 2015 onward do not assume any base rate of inflation, but allow for relative price (terms of trade) changes expressed with respect to the numeraire (the constant series retain relative prices from 2007, the base year of the simulation).


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