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Daily Brief Archive - 2012

 Daily Briefs published in 2012

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21 Global equities declined and US Treasuries gained...(151 KB)
20 The EU approved the 2nd phase of the Spanish banking-sector overhaul...(157 KB)
19 The European stock index (the Stoxx 600) rose 0.6%...(154 KB)
18 Global stocks advanced on Tuesday...(154 KB)
17 Net foreign purchases of U.S. financial assets fell to $1.3 billion in October...(147 KB)

14 The euro jumped to an eight-month high versus the yen...(147 KB)
13 U.S. Treasuries declined for a third day...(152 KB)
12 Greek 10-year bond yields dropped 42 basis points to 12.79% on Wednesday...(159 KB)
European stock markets rose for a seven straight day...(191 KB)
10 The euro weakened to a two-week low of $1.29 earlier Monday...(161 KB)

07 U.S. Treasuries slid for the first time in four days...(158 KB)
06 Greece’s sovereign credit ratings was cut to ‘SD’ (selective default)...(158 KB)
05 Global equities advanced on Wednesday...(158 KB)
04 The euro rose to a six-week high against the dollar...(122 KB)
03 Spain has requested a €39.5bn bailout for its struggling banking sector...(161 KB)

30 U.S. Treasuries advanced on Friday, with the benchmark 10-year yield...(158 KB)
29 Spanish benchmark 10-year government bond yield fell 4 basis points...(153 KB)
28 European government securities rallied...(159 KB)
27 European finance ministers and the International Monetary Fund...(152 KB)
26 U.S Treasuries rose for the first time in five days on Monday...(158 KB)

21 European finance ministers, the IMF, and the European Central Bank...(151 KB)
20 Moody’s Investors Service lowered France’s sovereign credit rating...(154 KB)
19 The perceived default risk of European corporate debt...(154 KB)
16 Foreign purchase of U.S. financial assets plummeted in September...(152 KB)
15 Global equities fell for a seventh day...(157 KB)
14 Germany’s government sold €4.3 billion ($5.5 billion) of 2-year bonds...(152 KB)
13 U.S. Treasuries advanced for a fourth consecutive day in Tuesday...(155 KB)
12 Global stock markets fluctuated between gains and losses...(160 KB)

09 Year-to-date global corporate bond sales rose to $3.43 trillion...(158 KB)
08 The euro weakened 0.3% to $1.2733 in London...(158 KB)
07 The MSCI Asia Pacific Indexclimbed 0.7%...(152 KB)
06 Greek government bonds rallied...(154 KB)
05 Safe-haven government bonds extended their gains...(155 KB)

02 Outstanding syndicated loans in Japan’s corporate sector rose 6...(152 KB)
01 U.S. Treasury prices fell for the first time since last Thursday...(151 KB)

31 Global corporate bond sales surged...(28 KB)

26 European and U.S. equities advanced ...(155 KB)
25 U.S. and German government bonds declined....(155 KB)
24 Global stocks were mixed on real-side data...(154 KB)
23 Moody’s Investors service lowered its credit ratings for five regions in Spain,..(154 KB)
22 The Euribor-OIS spread fell for the sixth day...(153 KB)

19 Europe’s benchmark Stoxx 600 stock index fell 0.5%...(151 KB)
18 Credit-default swaps on German government debt ...(151 KB)
17 Spanish government bonds advanced on Wednesday...(154 KB)
16 The Euriobor-OIS spread fell to 11.9 basis points...(153 KB)
15 U.S. Treasuries declined for the first time in five days...(153 KB)

12 US treasuries gained and the benchmark 10-year bond yield...(153 KB)
11 Standard & Poor’s cut Spain’s sovereign credit rating by two notches...(161 KB)
10 Stock markets fell on Wednesday...(153 KB)
09 U.S. Treasuries advanced the most in three weeks...(150 KB)

05 Better-than-expected U.S. monthly job data boosted global stock markets ...(153 KB)
04 Spanish government bonds declined for a second day...(148 KB)
03 Credit risk for bank debt dropped for a third day on Wednesday...(158 KB)
02 Spanish government bonds advanced for a fourth day on Tuesday...(154 KB)
01 European shares and the euro bounced back from multi-week lows on Monday...(155 KB)

European stocks slipped on Friday...(118 KB)
27 Credit-default swaps on Spanish government bonds tightened 9 basis points...(146 KB)
26 Credit risk on European sovereign and corporate debt climbed...(151 KB)
25 Spanish and Italian government bonds fell on Tuesday..(148 KB).
24 In contrast, U.S. treasuries and German bunds extended their rally...(153 KB)

21 Safe-haven government bonds moved slightly lower on Friday...(149 KB)
20 Following sluggish Asian stock markets...(150 KB)
19 Global stock markets inched higher on Wednesday...(150 KB)
18 European shares fell for a second day and the euro weakened on Tuesday...(146 KB)
17 Investor sentiment turns more cautious...(146 KB)

14 High-yielding assets from stocks to commodities rallied while the dollar dipped...(147 KB)
13 The dollar tumbled to seven-month low against the yen...(153 KB)
Global stock markets advanced on Wednesday...(152 KB)
The dollar struggled on Tuesday after Moody’s downgrade warning...(153 KB)
10 Global stock markets did not move much on Monday after last week's rally...(149 KB)

07 After yesterday's rally on the ECB announcement...(148 KB)
06 ECB President Draghi confirmed reports today... (154 KB)
05 European Central Bank (ECB) said to pledge unlimited...(149 KB)
04 Global markets remain weak ahead of the ECB meeting later this week...(152 KB)

DECPG Daily on recess

30 European stocks rise to four-month high on EU hopes ...(148 KB)

27 U.S GDP growth slowed to 1.5% in second quarter of 2012 ...(150 KB)
26 U.S. durable goods orders rise in June, but non-transport orders fall ...(147 KB)
25 Spanish and Italian bond yields fall after touching record highs ...(149 KB)
24 European shares and euro continue to slump ...(121 KB)
23 Spanish government bond yields and debt insurance costs soared...(121 KB)

20 Crude oil prices fall from 9-week high ...(107 KB)
19 Spain’s borrowing costs rise above 7% again ...(119 KB)
18 Oil prices retreat from 7-week high on global growth concerns ...(146 KB)
17 Spain’s borrowing costs fall at new Treasury-bill auction...(119 KB)
16 Treasuries continue to advance following decline in U.S. retail sales ...(113 KB)

13 Global financial markets remain sensitive to changing sentiments ...(121 KB)
12 Developing country stocks continue to slump on growth concerns ...(117 KB)
11 Dollar falls as investors speculate further Fed stimulus program ...(119 KB)
10 Global equities move higher amid the latest EU agreement ...(78 KB)
09 Spanish and Italian bonds continue to slump ...(112 KB)

06 Job creation in the US remains weak in June, unemployment rate stable at 8.2% ...(73 KB)
05 European shares and euro slip on ECB’s rate cut ... (120 KB)
03 Ireland returns to debt markets for the first time since 2010... (152 KB)
02 Treasuries continue to advance amid disappointing U.S. manufacturing report ... (114 KB)

Safe-haven government bonds advance, high-spread European bonds decline ... (118 KB)
28 Moody’s cuts its ratings on 8 Brazilian banks ...(156 KB)
27 Developing-country stocks advance the most in a week on China ...(134 KB)
26 Spanish and Italian bonds decline amid debt auctions ...(155 KB)
25 European shares and euro continue to slump before EU summit ...(117 KB)

20 Spanish and Italian bonds advance while German bunds slumped ...(152 KB)
19 European shares and currency advance while Spanish bond yields elevated ...(152 KB)
18 Spain’s borrowing costs rise above 7% again as Greek euphoria fades away ...(152 KB)

15 Among Emerging Markets ...(145 KB)
Tensions emanating from the Euro Area are the most serious potential risk ...(178 KB)
13 Growth prospects among developing countries differ significantly ...(121 KB)
12 GDP growth in developing countries set to decelerate in 2012 ...(112 KB)
11 European shares and euro surged early on Spanish bank bailout ...(153 KB)

08 US and German external trade decline on weakening growth elsewhere ...(107 KB)
07 Global equities extend their rally as China cuts interest rates...(71 KB)
06 keeps benchmark rates unchanged despite rising pressure for cut. ...(118 KB)
05 Spain calls for EU aid for the country’s ailing banking sector ...(120 KB)
04 Euro rallies, while European equities continue to slump...(153 KB)

Stocks, euro, and commodities continue to slump ...(149 KB)

U.S. Treasury yields hit new historic lows on disappointing economic data...(149 KB)
30 Global markets: stocks, euro, and oil decline...(151 KB)
29 U.S. treasury advances on worries over Spanish banking sector...(151 KB)

25 U.S consumer confidence rises to four-year high in May ...(73 KB)
24 Euro weakens to near 22-month low after EU summit ...(151 KB)
23 Safe-haven government bonds advance on Europe concern ...(149 KB)
22 Fitch lowers Japan’s sovereign rating by two notches...(154 KB)
21 Inconclusive elections in Greece...(155 KB)

18 Emerging market equities gear for worst weekly loss in 8 months...(150 KB)
17 European shares and euro continue to slump...(148 KB)
16 Borrowing costs for Spanish and Italian government bonds are rising fast ...(148 KB)
Moody’s cuts its ratings on 26 Italian banks...(147 KB)
U.S. treasury yields hit record low on Greek concern...(106 KB)

11 U.S. consumer sentiment jumps to four-year high in May...(147 KB)
10 After April dip, U.S. labor market shows preliminary signs of strengthening...(104 KB)
09 Spanish bond yields rise above 6% amid Greek political crisis...(150 KB)
08 Global markets: stocks and oil decline...(117 KB)
07 Greek bonds lead declines following elections....(150 KB)

04 U.S. treasuries advance amid lukewarm U.S. jobs data...(149 KB)
03 Oil prices continue to retreat on high U.S. crude stockpiles (149 KB)
02 Euro Area unemployment rises to record high...(149 KB)
01 Dollar declines amid mounting growth concerns...(153 KB)

European shares and euro slump as Spain slips back into recession...(155 KB)

27 S&P downgrades Spain’s sovereign credit rating by 2 notches...(157 KB)
26 Slowdown in investment inflows to emerging market’s local-currency bonds...(148 KB)
25 Spanish and Italian bonds extend their rally on easing debt concerns...(151 KB)
24 European shares and currency rebound slightly as debt auctions ease worries...(154 KB)
23 Global stock markets slump amid concerns over Eurozone and China...(153 KB)

20 Spanish bonds fall even after successful debt auction...(146 KB)
19 Brazil continues its monetary easing policy by cutting interest rates again...(150 KB)
18 Emerging market equities advance as IMF raises its global growth forecast...(154 KB)
17 Spanish debt auction well-received although borrowing costs jump...(153 KB)
16 Overseas demand for U.S. financial assets eases in February...(142 KB)

13 U.S. consumer sentiments dips but remains near four-year high...(143 KB)
U.S. treasuries advance amid disappointing jobless claims data...(151 KB)
11 Japan’s machinery orders on trend up...(150 KB)
10 Growing worries over Spain’s debt problems amid rising bond yields...(122 KB)
09 Japanese Yen strengthens as the country’s current account turns to surplus again...(148 KB)

U.S. markets: stock futures and dollar decline...(144 KB)
05 European markets’ woes deepen amid growing concerns over Spain...(148 KB)
European financial markets slump on falling demand for Spanish debt auction...(147 KB)
03 Spanish bonds fall on debt concerns, continued rise in unemployment rate...(149 KB)
02 Financial market volatility is at its lowest since 2007...(149 KB)

US consumer sentiment rises for seventh consecutive month...(143 KB)
29 Russia places biggest emerging market bonds since 2009...(150 KB)
28 Global equities slump towards the end of first quarter...(151 KB)
27 Asian currencies extend gains on Fed remarks...(154 KB)
26 Spanish bonds advance amid optimism over combined rescue fund...(150 KB)

Global markets: Treasuries and commodities advance, stocks continue to decline...(150 KB)
22 Global stock markets slump on China and Europe growth concerns...(152 KB)
21 U.S. treasuries continue to advance amid disappointing mortgage applications data...(145 KB)
20 Emerging market equities continue to retreat on China concern...(148 KB)
19 Auction to settle CDS payout to Greek creditors completed...(150 KB)

16 U.S. industrial production reaches pre-crisis level...(144 KB)
15 Borrowing costs for France and Spain are easing...(152 KB)
14 U.S. treasuries continue to decline after Fed’s upbeat economic outlook...(155 KB)
12 European sovereign credit risk rises to 8-week high...(153 KB)

09 Greece successfully completes the biggest sovereign restructuring in history...(71 KB)
08 U.S. weekly initial unemployment claims stays at four year-low...(152 KB)
07 Italian and Spanish bonds advance amid growing optimism over Greek debt swap...(73 KB)
06 Euro Area is likely in a mild recession...(151 KB)
05 Global stock markets retreat on China and Europe growth concerns...(155 KB)

02 Japan’s unemployment rate inches up in January...(149 KB)
01 Greek government bonds drop on lingering default concern...(157 KB)

ECB hands out second batch of 3-year loans with stronger-than-expected demand...(157 KB)
28 S&P cut Greece’s credit rating to selective default...(155 KB)
27 Credit risk on Europe’s sovereign and corporate debt still higher even after Greek deal...(118 KB)

24 Bank deposits are moving out of riskier European countries...(153 KB)
23 Emerging market equities slide the most in a week amid global growth concern...(153 KB)
22 Fitch cuts Greece’s credit rating by two notches to near default status...(158 KB)
21 Greece secures second bailout, but concerns remain...(155 KB)

17 US inflationary pressures remain subdued...(70 KB)
16 U.S. Treasury yields climb from one-week low...(150 KB)
15 Euro slumps amid concern over Greek aid delay...(150 KB)
14 U.S. retail sales growth remains robust...(147 KB)
13 Japan’s GDP contracts in Q4 2011...(153 KB)

10 U.S. and German government bonds advance,,,(159 KB)
09 European stocks and euro advance as Greek reaches an austerity measure deal...(148 KB)
08 Emerging market equities climb to six-month high on Greek debt-talk progress...(159 KB)
07 Italian and Spanish government bonds fall amid Greek debt worries...(154 KB)
06 European markets slump amid Greek debt concern...(155 KB)

03 U.S. unemployment rate drops for fifth consecutive month...(145 KB)
02 U.S. treasuries weaken on U.S. job report and Bernanke comments... (150 KB)
01 Portuguese government bonds advance following successful short-term debt auction... (107 KB)

January 2012
Italian and Spanish government bonds gain as EU summit makes progress...(152 KB)
30 U.S. treasury yields hit record low on European debt concern...(153 KB)

27 International banks cut lending to troubled Euro Area countries...(146 KB)
26 Emerging market equities climb to five-month high on Fed’s rate outlook...(156 KB)
25 Peru to issue first international bond since 2010...(154 KB)
24 European shares are hit by Greek debt negotiations setback...(155 KB)
23 Oil prices climb as EU impose an oil embargo against Iran...(149 KB)

20 Positive momentum growth in US home sales...(112 KB)
19 France and Spain sell new government debt at mostly lower yields...(153 KB)
18 Global GDP growth significantly downgraded...(120 KB)
17 Investor confidence surges in Germany...(118 KB)

13 Italy’s short-term bond auction meets with a lukewarm demand...(159 KB)
12 Strong bond auctions in Spain and Italy lift market sentiment...(153 KB)
11 Euro declines as Fitch comments stir up tense market...(111 KB)
10 Emerging market equities climb to one-month high on China policy speculation
09 Germany’s trade surplus rises in November...(116 KB)

U.S. unemployment falls close to 3-year low...(66 KB)
05 France sells new government debt at slightly higher yield amid rating concerns.... (154 KB)
04 European equities retreat amid Spanish debt concern... (121 KB)


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