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As part of its initiative ‘Mobilising European Research for Development Policies,’ the European Commission and four Member States of the European Union (Finland, France, Germany and Luxembourg) have commissioned a set of research institutions to produce the 5th European Report on Development (ERD) on financing and other means of implementation in the post-2015 context. The team of researchers from Overseas Development Institute (ODI), German Development Policy Institute (DIE), European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM), the University of Athens, and Southern Voice Network is led by Dirk Willem te Velde (ODI). As part of the country-specific macro and policy research for the report, MAMS is applied to Moldova, Tanzania and Bangladesh, with the analysis carried out by Jouko Kinnunen (Statistics and Research Åland, Finland) and Jörgen Levin (Örebro University, Sweden). The MAMS contribution to the ERD is led by Ingo Bordon (DIE). The report and background papers will be published in March 2015.

Kinnunen, Jouko, Hans Lofgren, Victor Sulla, Dino Merotto. 2013. External shocks, fiscal policy and income distribution: Alternative scenarios for Moldova. World Bank Policy Research Working Paper WPS 6365. Revised version of paper presented at the ECOMOD Conference, held in Seville, Spain, July 4-6, 2012. The study is part of the study “State and Redistribution: Analyzing the Distributional Impact of Fiscal Policy,” led by Jose Cuesta of theWorld Bank’s Poverty Reduction and Equity Unit (PRMPR) and supported by the Trust Fund for Environmentally & Socially Sustainable Development (TFESSD).

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