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Global Economic Prospects June 2012: Managing Growth in a Volatile World

GEP Summer 2012

June 12, 2012—Developing countries should prepare for a long period of volatility in the global economy by re-emphasizing medium-term development strategies, while preparing for tougher times, says the World Bank in the newly-released Global Economic Prospects (GEP), June 2012.

A resurgence of tensions in high-income Europe has eroded the gains made during the first four months of this year, which saw a rebound in economic activity in both developing and advanced countries and an easing of risk aversion among investors. Since May 1st, increased market jitters have spread. Developing and high-income country stock markets have lost some 7 percent, giving up two-thirds of the gains generated over the preceding four months. Most industrial commodity prices are down, with crude and copper prices down by 19 and 14 percent, respectively, while developing country currencies have lost value against the US dollar, as international capital fled to safe-haven assets, such as German and U.S. government bonds. More Report Highlights »

Executive Summary

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Topical Appendices

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Regional Appendices

East Asia and Pacific:
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Europe and Central Asia:
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Latin American and the Caribbean:
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Middle East and North Africa:
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South Asia:
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Sub-Saharan Africa:
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