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Weekly Brief Archive - 2011

Weekly Briefs published in 2011

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December 2011
 Capital flows to developing countries dropped sharply in the second half of 2011...(228 KB)
08 The perceived risk of sovereign defaults in Euro Area debt has declined...(307 KB)
02 Global financial markets are eager for policy action...(234 KB)

November 2011
 Q3 Euro Area GDP growth remained positive...(291 KB)
10 Financial market volatility remains sharply elevated this week...(199 KB)
03 Strong growth in the U,S. and Japan helped to offset weak growth in Euro area...(293 KB)

October 2011
 The agreement to strengthen the European Financial Stability...(239 KB)
20 First trade data released for September are not promising...(183 KB)
14 Capital good orders from developing countries appear to be holding up...(242 KB)
06 Consumer spending stabilizes at low levels amid uncertainty about growth prospects... (206 KB)

September 2011
 European commercial banking conditions have deteriorated since August 2011... (186 KB)
22 Prospects for the global economy have become much less certain... (166 KB)
12 Euro Area woes have worsened on growing concerns... (243 KB)

August 2011- On recess

July 2011
 Debt-limit debate and disappointing growth reports depressed US$ and equities...(176 KB)
21 European heads of state agreed on a €109 billion 2nd financial package for Greece...(208 KB)
14 Global industrial production surged a seasonally adjusted 3.5%...(223 KB)
07 European fiscal difficulties have contributed to a slump in global equity markets...(210 KB)

June 2011
 Greek government parliament passed a new budget...(292 KB)
23 Supported by a 1.5% expansion in Japan, retail sales volumes increased 0.6%...(210 KB)
16 Global industrial production declined 1.1% in April...(244 KB)
09 Global GDP growth is projected to remain strong through 2013...(174 KB)

May 2011
 Global retail sales volume growth decelerated in the three months ending March...(187 KB)
19 Food prices in developing countries have increased less than international food prices...(218 KB)
12 The U.S. Department of Agriculture projects a rise in the global grain harvest...(301 KB) 
 Adverse weather and a fall in defense spending weighed on U.S. growth...(303 KB)

April 2011
 The cost of insuring against the default of Greek sovereign debt jumped this...(226 KB)
21 Worker remittances inflows to developing countries grew 5.9%... (184 KB)
14 Progress toward the Millennium Development Goals has been mixed... (276 KB)
7 Bond yields at record highs in some Euro Area countries... (217 KB)

March 2011
 Global retail sales volumes slowed mid-year... (159 KB)
24 Surging fuel prices have underpinned the climb in headline inflation... (251 KB)
17 Initial estimates of losses from the Japan earthquake and tsunami... (567 KB)
11 Some commodity prices have eased in recent weeks... (257 KB)
4 The Middle East & North Africa dominates the global political and economic scene... (407 KB)

February 2011
 The spread of social unrest and violence to Libya... (194 KB)
download17 Gross capital inflows to developing countries remained strong in January... (159 KB)
download10 The political situation in the Middle-East and North Africa... (200 KB)
download3 Credit-default swap rates have eased from recent highs for European sovereigns... (206 KB)

January 2011
 Capital flows to developing countries were up 45% in 2010...(206 KB)
download20Developing countries continued to capture a rising share of global financial flows...(185 KB)
download13 In most developing countries, GDP has regained levels...(202 KB)
download 7 Recent data shows strengthening production in China and Germany...(291 KB)


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