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Weekly Brief Archive - 2010

Weekly Briefs published in 2010

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December 2010
 Global retail sales volume growth remained robust in October...(190 KB)
download 9 Recovery in Sub-Saharan Africa’s goods exports lags other developing regions...(732 KB)
download 2 Real local-currency prices of internationally-traded commodities...(265 KB)

November 2010
 Advanced indicators for industrial production are mixed...(395 KB)
download  4 U.S. GDP grew at a 2.0% annualized pace in the third quarter...(210 KB)

October 2010
 China reported vibrant 9.6% y/y real GDP growth in Q3-2010...(207 KB)
download21 Global industrial output growth slowed to below its historical average rate...(249 KB)
download14 Global retail sales growth firmed in August...(180 KB)
download  7 Bank non-performing loans (NPLs)...(177 KB)

September 2010
 Industrial production spare capacity varies...(233 KB)
download23 Global retail sales growth decelerated mid-year...(211 KB)
download16 Global domestic credit growth firmed in Q2-2010...(200 KB)
download 9  Although global industrial production growth remains robust...(187 KB)

July 2010
download 29
  Global industrial production (IP) growth is moderating...(214 KB)
download 22  Differentiation in the pace of economic recovery...(178 KB)
download 15  Restocking of depleted inventories in the U.S...(176 KB)
download  8  Global retail sales volumes slowed in April...(280 KB)
download  1  G-20 appears to have reached consensus on “growth friendly” approach...(252 KB) 

June 2010
 Rebalancing between trade deficit- and surplus-economies...(258 KB)
download17 The global recovery remains fragile in the face of strong...(159 KB)

May 2010
download27 The sovereign debt crisis intensifies...(339 KB)
download20 Contagion from Euro area highly-indebted countries to emerging and developing countries limited...(186 KB)
download13 The EU's billion euro aid package appears to have calmed markets...(222 KB)
download  6 Global financial markets were hit hard this week...(219 KB)

April 2010
 Concerns of debt-sustainability...(205 KB)
download22 Global retail sales strengthen...(154 KB)
download15 A return to growth in capital spending and employment in the U.S....(155 KB)
download 8 Global headline inflation rose to 2% in December 2009 (y/y)...(298 KB)
download 1 Slow unemployment growth suggests a tepid rebound in consumer spending...(247 KB)

March 2010
 High income country exports and production are stepping up...(175 KB)
download18 After plummeting 30% between September 2008 and March 2009...(157 KB)
download11 Auto sale incentive programs supported record high global auto sales...(173 KB)
download04 Recent GDP releases show North America, Japan and many developing...(286 KB)

February 2010
 Public debt issuance in high-income countries dwarfs net private capital flows... (242 KB)
download18 Import volume growth in developing countries surged to a 76% annualized rate... (484 KB)

January 2010
 Sovereign bond issuance surged in January...(187 KB)
download21 The U.S. inventory-to-sales ratio returns to a healthier level...(175 KB)
download14 Industrial production remains well below previous peaks... (197 KB)
download07 The bounce-back in global industrial production has begun to wane... (239 KB)




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