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GMR 2009: Full Text

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Complete report as one file (9 MB)

Foreword (191 KB)

Introduction (191 KB)


English (149 KB) | French (58 KB) | Spanish (70 KB)


1: The Global Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Developing Countries
Full Text (741 KB) | Chapter 1 Factsheet

2: Improving the Private Investment Climate for Recovery and Growth
Full Text (1.8 MB) | Chapter 2 Factsheet

3: Leveraging the Private Sector Role in Human Development
Full Text (574 KB) | Chapter 3 Factsheet

4: Scaling Up Aid to Poor Countries
Full Text (565 KB) | Chapter 4 Factsheet

5: Pressing Ahead with Trade Openness
Full Text (723 KB) | Chapter 5 Factsheet

6: International Financial Institutions: Crisis Response and Support for the Private Sector
Full Text (473 KB) | Chapter 6 Factsheet

Millennium Development Goals Annex (1.1 MB)

References (128 KB)


Global Monitoring Report 2009: A Development Emergency 

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