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Global Economic Prospects 2006: Background papers

Chapter 3

Lowell, B. Lindsay, and Stefka G. Gerova. 2004. “Diasporas and Economic Development: State of Knowledge.”  World Bank, Washington. September.

Chapter 4

Freund, Caroline, and Nikola Spatafora. 2005. "Remittances: Costs, Determinants, and Informality."  World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 3704. Washington, DC.

Hernandez-Coss, Raul E. 2004. “The U.S.-Mexico Remittance Corridor: Lessons on Shifting from Informal to Formal Remittance Systems.” World Bank working paper 47. Washington, DC.
Ratha, Dilip, and Prabal De. 2005. “Predicting Sovereign Rating: International Capital Market Access for Unrated Countries.”  World Bank.  The findings were subsequently published as, Shadow Sovereign Ratings for Unrated Developing Countries, World Bank Policy Research working paper 4269.
Chapter 6
Andreassen, Ole. 2005. “Remittance Service Providers in the United States: How Remittance Firms Operate and How They Perceive Their Business Environment?” Unpublished paper. Washington, DC: World Bank. [Subsequently published in 2006, as World Bank Financial Sector Discussion Paper 37600].
Kalan, George, and Dilek Aykut. 2005. “Assessment of Remittance Fee Pricing.” World Bank, Washington, DC.

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