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Global Economic Prospects 2002: Making Trade Work for the Poor

Global Economic Prospects 2002

October 31, 2001Global Economic Prospects and the Developing Countries 2002 reviews the global economic environment and its implications for the developing countries over the next decade. Realizing the promise of new global initiatives to expand trade requires concerted effort to move development to center stage in trade policy formulation. This report is dedicated to that agenda. It begins with a review of global prospects and ways globalization links the fates of industrial and developing countries. The report then considers issues in four broad areas that are particularly important to developing countries: merchandise trade, services, transport, and intellectual property rights. A final chapter summarizes the forward-looking policy agenda, and assesses the potential impact of further global integration and more rapid growth for the standards of living in poor countries everywhere.

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Summary: English | Español 

Chapter 1 Prospects for Developing Countries: Coping with a Global Slowdown 

Chapter 2 Market Access and the World's Poor

Chapter 3 Trade in Services: Using Openness to Grow

Chapter 4 Transport Services: Reducing Barriers to Trade

Chapter 5 Intellectual Property: Balancing Incentives with Comptetive Access

Chapter 6 Envisioning Alternative Futures: Reshaping Global Trade Architecture for Development


Appendix 1: Regional Economic Prospects
Appendix 2: Global Commodity Price Prospects
Appendix 3 Global Economic Indicators
Classification of Economies

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