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Global Economic Prospects 2006: Economic Implications of Remittances and Migration

Global Economic Prospects 2006

November 16, 2005 — International migration has enormous implications for growth and welfare in both origin and destination countries. An important benefit to developing countries is the receipt of remittances or transfers from income earned by overseas emigrants. This year’s edition of Global Economic Prospects focuses on the flow of international migrant remittances and improving their development impact.

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Chapter 1: Prospects for the Global Economy

Chapter 2 The Potentiail Gains from International Migration

Chapter 3 The Policy Challenges of Migration: The Origin Countries' Perspective

Chapter 4 Trends, Determinants, and Macroeconomic Effects of Remittances

Chapter 5 Remittances, Households, and Poverty

Chapter 6 Reducing Remittance Fees

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