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October 2, 2015 - The approaching liftoff in U.S. policy rates and subsequent tightening are expected to proceed smoothly but will take place in an environment marked by weak growth, rising debt and substantial currency pressures in many emerging and frontier economies....more  (384 KB)

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Recent Issues

A sharp increase in U.S. long-term yields...(350 KB)
18 A liftoff in U.S. policy interest rates has been delayed...(352 KB)
11 European Central Bank’s Quantitative Easing...(331 KB)

August - ON RECESS

Negative Interest Rates in Europe...(279 KB)
24 Negative Policy Rates and Yields...(275 KB)
17 Negative Policy Rates for Sovereign Bond Yields in Europe...(384 KB) 
Causes of Negative Policy Interest Rates in Europe...(355 KB)

Liftoff in U.S. Interest rates and Capital Flows...(396 KB)
19 After weathering relatively well the Great Recession...(315 KB)
12 Unemployment rates in developing countries...(308 KB)
05 The development of shale gas and oil fields in the United States...(396 KB)

During the past half century, four episodes of large oil price declines...(626 KB)
22 The global average cost of sending money...(331 KB)
15 Official remittance flows to developing countries...(333 KB)
08 Oil prices remain about 45 percent lower than their levels in June 2014...(341 KB)
01 U.S. GDP grew at a slower-than-expected pace in Q1 2015...(216 KB)

The disinflationary impact of lower oil prices...(392 KB)
17 The decline in oil prices may exert ... (407 KB)
10 Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa...(336 KB)
03 Significant oil price declines...(469 KB)

Commodity agreements were put in place...(341 KB)
20 Low tax-to-GDP ratios in the South Asia Region...(435 KB)
13 Growth in LAC has become increasingly dependent on activity in China...(405 KB)
06 Since joining the WTO in 2001...(502 KB)

MDG to halve extreme poverty was reached in 2010...(423 KB)
20 Many developing countries rely heavily on remittances...(326 KB)
13 F
iscal deficits are large enough to pose a risk to macro stability...(327 KB)
06 Global trade growth has been disappointing in recent years...(327 KB)

January 2015
Pro-cyclicality of fiscal policy in developing economies...(387 KB)
23 Growth in developing countries has been weak in recent years...(330 KB)
16 Key trends are likely to shape the outlook for developing countries in 2015...(320 KB)
09 Fiscal policy in Emerging and Frontier Market Economies...(314 KB)

Oil prices fell to less than $60/barrel in mid-December 2014...(253 KB)
12 Strengthening of the U.S. dollar has sparked a flurry of warnings...(252 KB)
03 An environment of exceptionally low interest rates...(251 KB)

China’s stock of credit has risen sharply in recent years...(439 KB)
14 Oil prices dropped almost 20 percent..(704 KB).
07 Euro Area economic indicators have deteriorated in recent months...(392 KB)

As of October 27, 2014 the total number of Ebola cases was 13,703...(251 KB)
17 Officially recorded remittance flows to developing countries are expected to grow...(247 KB)
10 The Chinese authorities announced a comprehensive program...(247 KB)
03  Russia’s real GDP expanded 0.8 percent (y/y)...(349 KB)

Energy subsidies in developing countries amount to 4.3 percent of GDP...(135 KB)
19 The rise of ISIS in the Middle East is a geopolitical risk...(276 KB)
12 Continued momentum of US economic activity in the third quarter...(290 KB)
05 Markets have reacted positively to imminent ceasefire in eastern Ukraine...(380 KB)

August (ON RECESS)

Five developing-country central banks increased policy rates...
17  Growth in China was 7.5 percent in the second quarter of 2014...(437 KB)
10 The recovery of merchandise imports has been much more solid...(468 KB)
03  For the first time in four decades...(315 KB)

The June edition of the Financial Markets Outlook...(310 KB)
20 Financial markets responded calmly to developments...(494 KB)
12 The June 10th edition of Global Economic Prospects...(295 KB)
06 Global Economic Prospects revised projections for developing-country growth...(202 KB)

Monetary policy tightening in developing countries has slowed...(358 KB)
23 Disappointing first quarter GDP growth in the U.S....(461 KB)
16 Sovereign bonds have performed well this year...(681 KB)
09 April readings of the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI)...(221 KB)
02  Currency depreciation since May 2013...(324 KB)

Retail sales decelerated across developing countries at the start of 2014...(205 KB)
18 Industrial output in most developing countries continued to strengthen..(302 KB).
11 Renewed risk appetite among global investors...(229 KB) 
After faltering in February... (423 KB)

Employment has staged a sustained rebound in the United States...(253 KB)
21 International food prices have risen sharply...(377 KB)
14 Industrial output growth in developing countries has weakened...(356 KB)
07 Gross capital flows to developing countries declined sharply in February 2014...(342 KB)

GDP growth moderated in China...(368 KB)
21 The recovery in high income economies is continuing...(200 KB)
14 Several developing country currencies have depreciated since start of the year...(239 KB)
06 A sell-off that started in developing country equity markets... (186 KB)

January 2014
Developing-country financial markets have retreated..(186 KB).
24  Industrial production in developing countries gained momentum in November...(266 KB)
16 Growth in developing economies is expected to pick up modestly...(221 KB)
09 US Federal Reserve started to taper off its unprecedented monetary stimulus...(279 KB)


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