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June 27, 2016 - Corporate-credit risk soared for a second day as investors struggled with uncertainty following the U.K.’s unexpected decision to leave the European Union....more (115  KB)

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Global financial markets buckled on Friday....(117 KB)
23 Nigeria’s shares rose for a third day on Thursday....(118 KB)
22 Oil prices erased earlier gains on Wednesday....(116 KB)
21 Emerging-market equities gained for a third day....(114 KB)
20 Global stocks rallied on Monday and the U.K. pound strengthened broadly....(115 KB)

17 Global equities, and government bond yields climbed on Friday....(116 KB)
16 Credit risk for the Gulf’s richest governments surged....(117 KB)
15 The yield on the benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury note fell....(117 KB)
14 The yield on Germany’s government debt fell below zero....(118 KB)
13 Emerging-market shares set for the steepest 3-day drop since January....(116 KB)

10 Yields on 10-year government bond yields fell to record lows....(117 KB)
09 Weeklong rallies for global equities and commodities faded on Thursday....(118 KB)
08 World Bank revised its 2016 global growth forecast down....(110 KB)
07 Borrowing costs for Asian corporates have fallen to historic lows....(117 KB)
06 Global government bond yields tumbled to a record low....(116 KB)

03 U.S. stocks fell with the dollar....(117 KB)
02 Oil prices moved lower for a fifth straight day on Thursday....(116 KB)
01 International bond issuances from emerging markets climbed....(118 KB)

U.S. Treasury yields rose broadly on Tuesday....(118 KB)

27 Investors have continued to pull money from global equity funds....(118 KB)
26 Developing-country equities and currencies advanced on Thursday....(117 KB)
25 Global equities advanced as oil prices rose....(116 KB)
24 The U.S. dollar rose to an 8-week high against the euro on Tuesday....(117 KB)
23 Oil prices fell for a fourth day on Monday....(116 KB)

20 Developing-country stocks and currencies rebounded on Friday....(116 KB)
19 Global equities fell to a six-week low on Thursday....(116 KB)
18 Developing-country equities and currencies declined on Wednesday....(116 KB)
17 Qatar’s government is planning to return to international bond market....(116 KB)

13 U.S. short-term Treasury yields....(116 KB)
12 Global equities retreated on Wednesday....(116 KB)
11 Emerging-market equities and currencies fell for the first time in three days....(116 KB)
10 Global equities advanced on Tuesday....(115 KB)
09 U.S. dollar extended last week’s gains against other major currencies....(116 KB)

06 U.S. Treasury prices gained on Friday....(116 KB)
05 The U.S. dollar strengthened for a third day on Thursday....(116 KB)
04 Global equities declined for the second consecutive day on Wednesday....(117 KB)
03 U.S. stocks fell on Tuesday....(115 KB)
02 U.S. Treasury prices slipped, reversing earlier gains....(116 KB)

The U.S. dollar remained weak on Friday....(116 KB)
28 Emerging-market currencies advanced on Thursday....(116 KB)
27 U.S. Treasury prices advanced on Wednesday....(115 KB)
26 Emerging-market assets gained on Tuesday....(115 KB)
25 Global equities retreated on Monday....(116 KB)

22 Chinese stocks posted their largest weekly drop....(116 KB)
21 The euro climbed while Eurozone stocks and government bonds traded lower....(117 KB)
20 Saudi Arabia’s government secured $10 billion in bank loans....(117 KB)
19 Global equities climbed to 2016 highs on Tuesday....(116 KB)
18 Oil prices dropped on Monday....(116 KB)

15 U.S. Treasury yields fell on Friday....(116 KB)
14 Brazil’s central bank continued to intervene....(116 KB)
13 Global equites extended their gains on Wednesday....(116 KB)
12 Oil prices extended their gains on Tuesday....(115 KB)
11 Global equities advanced on Monday....(115 KB)

08 Global equities rebounded on early Friday....(115 KB)
07 China’s foreign-exchange reserves unexpectedly increased in March....(116 KB)
06 Global bond yields tumbled a record low of 1.3 percent....(116 KB)
05 Global equities retreated, while safe-haven assets rallied....(116 KB)
04 Oil prices fell on Monday....(116 KB)

01 The U.S. dollar gained....(116 KB)

Emerging-market currencies are heading for their strongest monthly gain....(116 KB)
30 Global equities rallied to their highest levels....(115 KB)
29 Emerging-market currencies weakened on Tuesday....(115 KB)
28 The U.S. bond market’s gauge on investors’ inflation outlook fell....(116 KB)

25 The U.S. dollar geared for its best week since November....(115 KB)
24 The European Central Bank (ECB)....(115 KB)
23 The U.S. dollar gained for a fourth day....(115 KB)
22 Developed-market government bonds, precious metals, and the Japanese yen....(115 KB)
21 U.S. Treasuries retreated on Monday....(115 KB)

18 Global equities are heading for a fifth week of gains on Friday....(116 KB)
17 Emerging-market currencies and stocks rallied on Thursday....(116 KB)
16 Dollar weakened against both its major and emerging-market counterparts....(117 KB)
15 Global equities and commodity prices fell....(116 KB)
14 Bulgaria returned to international bond markets....(114 KB)

11 U.S. Treasuries are gearing for a third weekly decline....(116 KB)
10 European shares and government bonds rallied....(116 KB)
09 Saudi Arabia is the latest Gulf Coast country....(116 KB)
08 Global equities fell on Tuesday....(115 KB)
07 Oil prices climbed to multi-month highs on Monday....(115 KB)

04 Global equities rallied on Friday...(117 KB)
03 U.S. oil prices edged slightly lower on Wednesday....(117 KB)
02 China’s credit-rating outlook was lowered....(115 KB)
01 Developing-country stocks rallied to an 8-week high on Tuesday....(115 KB)

China’s central bank has cut the required reserve ratio....(116 KB)

26 Global equities rallied with commodities on Friday....(116 KB)
25 Chinese stocks posted their steepest single-day drop....(116 KB)
24 Oil prices fell again....(117 KB)
23 Developing-country stocks retreated from a 6-week high....(115 KB)
22 Global equities rallied with oil and metals on Monday....(116 KB)

19 Oil prices retreated on Friday from strong gains earlier in the week....(116 KB)
18 Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services lowered the credit ratings....(117 KB)
17 U.S. and European stock indices gained on Wednesday....(116 KB)
16 Global equities climbed on Tuesday....(116 KB)

12 Oil prices bounced back sharply on Friday....(117 KB)
11 After a mild rebound yesterday, a sell-off resumed in global equities....(117 KB)
10 Developing-country currencies and stocks advanced on Wednesday....(117 KB)
09 Global equities fell for the third consecutive session on Tuesday....(115 KB)
08 U.S. equities opened lower on Monday....(116 KB)

U.S. treasuries fell on Friday....(200 KB)
04 The dollar remained weak on Thursday....(161 KB)
03 Oil prices rebounded strongly on Wednesday....(202 KB)
02 Global equities fell on Tuesday....(205 KB)
01 Developing-country equities fell as weak manufacturing data....(203 KB)

January 2016
29 Global equities rallied and the Japanese yen fell on Friday ....(240 KB)
28 Ukraine’s central bank left its benchmark interest rate on hold....(236 KB)
27 Asian stocks climbed on Wednesday....(240 KB)

21 European and U.S. equities were rallying on Thursday....(115 KB)
20 Global equities suffered renewed selloff on Wednesday....(115 KB)
19 Global equities on Tuesday....(204 KB)

15 Oil prices fell below $30 a barrel on Friday....(116 KB)
14 Asian stocks resumed their 2016 slump on Thursday....(238 KB)
13 Global equities and oil prices advanced on Wednesday....(116 KB)
12 Borrowing costs for the Chinese yuan in Hong Kong SAR....(115 KB)
11 China’s stock markets tumbled again on Monday....(115 KB)

08 Developing-country stocks pared the worst weekly drop since 2013....(115 KB)
07 Global stocks tumbled for a sixth day on Thursday....(116 KB)
06 Global equities traded lower on Wednesday....(114 KB)
05 China’s stocks and currency stabilized to some extent on Tuesday....(115 KB)
04 Global stocks tumbled on Monday....(116 KB)


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