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December 18, 2014 - U.S. stocks added their gains on Thursday, led by energy shares, while U.S. Treasuries extended their biggest sell-off in three months after the Federal Reserve signaled it is expected to raise interest rates next year....more (199 KB)

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Emerging-market stocks retreated on Monday...(199 KB)

12  A persistent rout in oil prices...(161 KB)
11 The Russian currency sank to a fresh low on Thursday...(159 KB)
10 Brent oil prices, the global benchmark, fell below $65 a barrel...(199 KB)
09 U.S. treasuries extended their gains on Tuesday...(156 KB)
08 European equities and the euro weakened amid stern warning...(161 KB)

05 The dollar jumped to a 5-year high..(200 KB).
04 European bonds and stocks tumbled on Thursday...(151 KB)
03 The yield gap between U.S. Treasury 5-year notes and 30-year bonds slid...(161 KB)
02 The Russian ruble extended its decline against the dollar on Tuesday...(156 KB)
01 Oil price fell to a 5-year low on Monday...(160 KB)

U.S. Treasury prices advanced for a fifth day on Wednesday...(31 KB)
25 China’s equities reached another 3-year high on Tuesday...(30 KB)
24 Euro-area government bonds advanced...(30 KB)

20 Global stock markets extended their losses on Thursday...(160 KB)
19 U.S. financial markets were mixed on Wednesday...(198 KB)
18 Mexico is planning to sell at least $500 million dollar-denominated bonds...(199 KB)
17 Global stock markets struggled on Monday...(198 KB)

14 The dollar climbed to a 7-year high against the yen...(196 KB)
13 U.S. equities opened higher today...(200 KB)
12 Ukraine bonds tumbled on Wednesday..(155 KB).
10 China stocks surged and led the most of Asian shares higher on Monday...(160 KB)

07 Russia’s ruble rallied on Friday snapping a four-day retreat...(197 KB)
06 The euro fell to as low as 1.2396 against the dollar...(130 KB)
05 Russian ruble slid to a fresh low on Wednesday...(161 KB)
04 Japan’s domestic auto sales continued to fall...(155 KB) 
03 Gold prices traded around a 4-year low as strengthening of the dollar...(161 KB)

World stocks markets soared on Friday...(198 KB)
30 The difference between short-and long-term U.S. Treasury yields...(200 KB)
29 Russia increased its gold reserves...(198 KB)
28 Domestic and foreign investors pulled out €187.7 billion....(159 KB)
27 European Central Bank released yesterday the results of its new “stress test...(198 KB)

24 China’s benchmark stock gauge posted its biggest weekly slide...(158 KB)
23 Oil prices moved higher on Thursday...(160 KB)
22 U.S. Treasury prices declined on Wednesday...(157 KB)
21 Prospects of European Central Bank corporate-bond purchase..(160 KB)
20 Portugal led a sell-off in euro area’s high-yielding government bonds...(198 KB)

17 Euro-area’s periphery bonds recovered slightly on Friday...(159 KB)
16 Developing-country stocks and currencies tumbled on Thursday...(29 KB)
15 Global equities, government bond yields, and commodity prices slumped..(208 KB).
14 U.S. and German government bonds continued to rally on Tuesday...(158 KB)

10 U.S. Treasuries slid for a fourth week...(161 KB)
09 Yields on the benchmark U.S. 10-year Treasuries..(198 KB).
08 European and Asian stock markets slumped on Wednesday...(161 KB)
07 Kazakhstan sold $2.5 billion of 10-and 30-year dollar-denominated bonds...(162 KB)
06 German government bonds gained on Monday...(160 KB)

03 The U.S. dollar climbed to a 4-year high...(160 KB)
02 U.S. Treasuries fell on Thursday...(200 KB)
01 Growing concerns that global growth is stalling...(30 KB)

Russia’s central bank is weighing on the introduction of temporary capital controls...(30 KB)
29 Global stock markets retreated on Monday...(158 KB)

26 U.S. equities opened higher on Friday...(159 KB)
25 The dollar climbs to a fresh four-year high against other major currencies...(159 KB)
24 Spanish bonds led a rally in high-yielding Euro Area government securities...(160 KB)
23 U.S. Treasuries gained for a fourth day on Tuesday...(176 KB)
22 World stock markets and commodities were hit by concerns...(197 KB)

19 U.S. stocks and dollar surged...(205 KB)
18  U.S. stocks and dollar surged...(197 KB)
17 The People’s Bank of China is providing fresh loans...(160 KB)
16 U.S. Treasury price volatility rose to a 5-month high...(159 KB)
15 Emerging-market benchmark stock index fell for the eighth day...(159 KB)

12 The dollar is heading for its ninth consecutive week of strengthening...(159 KB)
11 Argentina’s congress finally passed a bill on Thursday...(202 KB)
10 Global stocks struggled on Wednesday...(201 KB)
09 The dollar rose to a 14-month high against the euro...(202 KB)
08 Britain’s financial markets slumped on Monday...(48 KB)

U.S. Treasuries advanced and the dollar weakened...(49 KB)
04 The Euro tumbled and European bonds rallied...(49 KB) 
03 Global stocks markets advanced on Wednesday...(47 KB)
02 U.S. government bonds slumped on Tuesday amid stronger-than-expected...(48 KB)

August    (ON RECESS)

China’s stocks rose on Thursday...(161 KB)
30 Argentine bonds surged to a three-year high Wednesday...(161 KB)
29 Emerging-market stocks advanced to an 18-month high...(164 KB)
28 Russia’s stocks and ruble tumbled for a third day...(201 KB)

25 The U.S. dollar extended gains...(159 KB)
24 U.S.’s Treasuries dropped on Thursday...(156 KB)
23 Emerging-market currencies rose for the fourth consecutive day...(160 KB)
22 European stocks rose on Tuesday...(160 KB)
21  Major global stock market indexes fell...(161 KB)

18 The euro weakened against the dollar on Friday...(48 KB)
17 World stock markets retreated on Thursday...(164 KB)
16 Energy prices showing a significant rebound, U.S. producer prices increased...(159 KB)
15 The dollar strengthened against most major counterparts on Tuesday...(160 KB)
14 U.S. Treasuries fell for the first time in six trading sessions on Monday...(160 KB)

11 Canada lost 9400 jobs in June and the jobless rate rose by 0.1 percentage points...(30 KB)
10 U.S. Treasuries and German bunds advanced on Thursday...(162 KB)
09 World stock markets slid on Wednesday...(160 KB)
08 Currencies in Indonesia, Malaysia, and South Africa advanced...(201 KB)
07 U.S. Treasury prices gained on Monday...(160 KB)

03 Further signs of strengthening in the U.S. Jobs market...(160 KB)
02 U.S. Treasuries prices dropped for a second day on Wednesday...(262 KB)
01 Global stock markets started the second half of 2014 on a strong note...(201 KB)

Bulgaria’s banking crisis alleviated on Monday... (220 KB)

27 Investors are returning to developing-country exchange traded funds...(201 KB)
U.S. and German government bonds rallied on Wednesday...(200 KB)
24 European stock markets retreated on Tuesday...(32 KB)
23 Euro Area government bonds advanced on Monday...(161 KB)

20 Rate banks in the Eurozone charge one another fell to a record low...(31 KB)
19 Global stock markets rallied for a second day on Thursday...(202 KB)
18 U.S. Treasuries prices advanced on Wednesday...(160 KB)
17 Developing-country equities slid for a fifth day on Tuesday...(31 KB)
16 China’s holdings of U.S. Treasury debt fell...(200 KB)

13 Demand for the $62 billion of U.S. Treasury securities sold this week soared...(162 KB)
12 Global oil prices jumped on Thursday...(199 KB)
11 Developing countries are headed for a year of disappointment growth...(129 KB)
10 China has restarted the market for initial public offering...(160 KB) 
Global stocks markets extended their rally that started last week on Monday...(31 KB)

06 Global stocks markets extended their gains on Friday...(32 KB)
05 European Central Bank unveiled an unprecedented round of stimulus measures...(240 KB)
04 Egyptian financial markets extended their gains on Wednesday...(163 KB)
03 China’s benchmark interest rate slid to a one-year low...(32 KB)
02 The euro depreciated versus the dollar on Monday...(33 KB)

Europe’s higher-rated government securities retreated on Friday...(200 KB)
29 U.S. treasury bonds advanced for a fourth day on Thursday...(202 KB)
28 U.S. government bonds are heading for a fifth monthly gain...(240 KB)
27 Global equities hover near record highs...(201 KB)

23 Rating agencies raised sovereign-debt ratings on Span and Greece...(32 KB)
22  U.S. Treasury prices fell for a second day on Thursday...(162 KB)
21 Japanese equities were down slightly on Wednesday...(199 KB)
20 The cost of insuring Polish debt against default dropped to the lowest level...(199 KB)
19 World stock markets was slightly lower on Monday...(159 KB)

16 Developing-country equities headed for a third consecutive weekly gain...
15 The euro weakened to the lowest level in 11 weeks against the dollar and yen...(203 KB)
14 European government securities led a rally in global sovereign bonds...(201 KB)
13 U.S. Treasury debt rose on Tuesday...(162 KB)
12 European stocks rallied and the euro weakened...(161 KB)

09 Ireland’s long-term borrowing costs fell below the U.K.’s...(201 KB)
08 The euro weakened 0.2% against the dollar to $1.3889...(159 KB)
07 Asian stocks slumped the most in nearly seven weeks...(162 KB)
06 The dollar slid against a basket of peers to a six-month low on Tuesday...(162 KB)
05 Global equities retreated on Monday...(204 KB)

02  U.S. equities gained, the dollar appreciated versus most its major counterparts...(163 KB)
01 The Federal Reserve on Wednesday voted...(160 KB)

Treasury securities strengthened on Wednesday...(160 KB)
29 Italy issued new 5-year and 10-year government bonds...(162 KB)
28 U.S. Treasuries retreated for the first time in 6 days...(194 KB)

25 Developing-country stocks are heading for the biggest weekly loss in six weeks...(202 KB)
24 European stocks fell for a second day on Thursday..(202 KB).
23 Portugal’s government securities advanced on Wednesday...(203 KB)
22 Growing investor demand has driven down yields on the debt of Italy...(200 KB)
21 China’s yuan fell to a one-month low against the dollar on Monday...(200 KB)

18 U.S. Treasuries posted the first weekly losses in a month...(203 KB)
17 High-yield Eurozone government bonds remained strong on Thursday
16 The hryvnia, Ukraine’s currency, surged for a second day
15 Developing-country shares posted the steepest drop in a month...(32 KB)
14 Developing-country stocks started the week on a weaker note...(32 KB)

11 Global stocks fell to a two-week low on Friday...(33 KB)
10 Greece sold €3 billion of 5-year bonds on Thursday...(161 KB)
09 Russia depleted $50.6 billion in net capital outflows in the first quarter of 2014...(159 KB)
08 Developing-country stocks rallied to a four-month high on Tuesday...(139 KB)
07 Global stocks started the week on a weak note...(134 KB)

04 U.S. treasuries advanced on Friday...(140 KB)
03 European government bonds advanced and the euro weakened on Thursday...(137 KB)
02 U.S. Treasuries declined on Wednesday...(176 KB)
01 Japan’s government bonds advanced for the first time in a week...(178 KB)

Developing-country stocks advanced on Monday...(138 KB)

28 The euro weakened further against the dollar...(178 KB)
27 High-yielding European government bonds rallied on Thursday...(138 KB)
26 The U.S. Treasury auctioned $32 billion of two-year securities yesterday...(138 KB)
25 India’s rupee climbed to a seven-month high against the dollar...(178 KB)
24 Developing-country stocks gained for a second day on Monday...(137 KB)

21 Developing-country stocks advanced for the first time in three days as Chinese...(138 KB)
20 Global stocks tumbled on Thursday...(178 KB)
19 Developing-country stocks fell for the first time this week on China concern...(177 KB)
18 Developing-country stocks advanced for a second day on Tuesday... (138 KB)

14 German government bonds advanced for a third day... (138 KB)
13 The euro rose to a fresh 2 1/2 year high versus the dollar... (138 KB)
12 Global stocks fell for a fourth day and copper price touched its lowest level... (178 KB)
11 Brazilian state-run oil company Petrobras sold $8.5 billion of international bonds...(145 KB)
10 Global equities and commodities moved lower on Monday...(177 KB)

07 U.S. equities advanced on Friday...(139 KB)
06 Developing-country stocks advanced on Thursday...(137 KB)
05 Spanish and Italian 10-year borrowing costs touched multi-years lows...(137 KB)
04 Global equities bounced back on Tuesday as Ukraine tensions eased..(136 KB).

Growing tension in Ukraine and Russia dampened investors’ risk appetite...(179 KB) 
26 Ukraine’s hryvnia tumbled against the dollar on Wednesday.. (136 KB).
25 Chinese stocks dropped the most in five months..(139 KB).
24 U.S. stocks rallied on Monday...(179 KB)

21 Global stocks and the dollar advanced on Friday...(140 KB)
20 Global equities moved lower on Wednesday... (177 KB)
19 Ukraine’s financial markets slumped on Wednesday...(177 KB)
18 Developing-country stocks fell on Tuesday...(138 KB)

14 Developing-country equities headed for the biggest weekly gain since October...(177 KB)
12 Italy’s 10-year government bond yield fell to an eight-year low...(180 KB)
11 Kazakhstan’s central bank devalued its tenge currency by 19%...(180 KB)
10  Ukraine’s currency and bonds pared some of last week’s losses...(177 KB)

07 Emerging-market equities extended their gains on Friday...(138 KB)
06 In the week ended February 1st U.S. first-time jobless claims fell...(176 KB)
05 World stock markets were mixed on Wednesday...(138 KB)
04 Global stocks fell to near a 4-month low on Tuesday...(181 KB)
03 Global investors pulled out $9 billion out of emerging-market bond and stock...(138 KB)

Sell-off in developing-country financial assets continued on Friday...(178 KB)
30 Global stocks slumped to 2½ month lows on Thursday...(180 KB)
29 Emerging market currencies were back under pressure on Wednesday...(176 KB)
28 Developing-country market sell-off eased on Tuesday...(137 KB)
27 Developing-country stocks extended their losses on Monday...(177 KB)

24 Developing-country currencies continued to tumble on Friday...(178 KB)
23 Turkey’s central bank intervened directly in foreign exchange markets...(137 KB)
22 Spanish government sold €10 billion ($13.6 billion) of 10-year bonds...(137 KB)

17 European shares climbed to a six-year high on Friday...(137 KB)
16 Treasuries gained while U.S. equities declined on Thursday...(137 KB)
15 The world economy is projected to strengthen this year...(78 KB)
14 Treasuries retreated on Tuesday while U.S. equities opened higher...(136 KB)
13 The dollar slumped to a three-month low against the yen on Monday...(174 KB)

10 U.S. Treasuries prices rallied while the dollar pared gains on Friday...(136 KB)
09 Developing-country shares faltered on Thursday...(176 KB)
08 Developing-country stocks gained for the first time this year...(138 KB)
07 Ireland returned to the international bond market...(137 KB)
06 Lingering concerns over a slowdown in the Chinese economy...(139 KB)

03 The Indian rupee and Thai baht led depreciations...(138 KB)
02 Global stocks started the year on a relatively weak note... (146 KB) 


20 Standard & Poor’s cut its triple A credit rating of the European Union...(141 KB)
The path of global stocks was somewhat mixed on Thursday...(180 KB)
18 Global stocks inched higher on Wednesday...(183 KB)
17 The dollar rose slightly against the euro...(138 KB)
16 Asian stocks sliding to a three-month low on Monday...(179 KB)

12 Global equities slumped on Thursday...(140 KB)
11 The euro strengthened for a seven consecutive day against the dollar today...(145 KB)
09 Global equities advanced on Monday...(142 KB)

06 U.S. dollar and stocks rallied on Friday...(189 KB) 
05 U.S. Treasury prices fell for a second day on Thursday...(180 KB)
04 U.S. Treasuries fell on Wednesday...(148 KB)
03 Portugal swapped €6.6 billion ($9 billion) of short-maturity government bonds...(186 KB)
02 Global equities started December on a cautious note...(184 KB)

The euro and Europe’s stock markets advanced on Wednesday...(181 KB)
26 Developing-country stocks fell for the first time the three days...(182 KB)
25 A deal on Iran’s nuclear program pushed oil prices lower...(183 KB)

22 The euro climbed to a four-year high versus the yen...(141 KB)
21 Developing-country stocks headed for the steepest drop since August...(184 KB)
20 U.S. equities edged higher in morning trading Wednesday...(182 KB)
19 Most developing-country stocks retreated...(181 KB)
18 Global equities climbed to a near 6-year high on Monday...(180 KB)

15 U.S. stocks extended their gains on Friday..(144 KB).
14 World stock markets rallied on Thursday...(184 KB)
13 Global equities fell...(185 KB)
12 U.S. and German government bond prices declined...(138 KB)
11 U.S. Treasuries fell the most in two months last Friday...(142 KB)

08 Treasuries fell the most in two months...(145 KB)
07 European bonds and stocks rallied...(141 KB)
06 Asian stock markets edged higher on Wednesday...(180 KB)
05 Global stock markets edged slightly lower on Tuesday...(181 KB)
04 The euro rose from a six-week low against the dollar on Monday...(138 KB)

01 Italian and Spanish government bonds extended their gains on Friday...(187KB)

The dollar fell 0.2% versus the euro to $1.3788 on Wednesday...(179 KB)
29 U.S. equities extended their gains...(141 KB)
28 Italian government bonds retreated on Thursday...(182 KB)

25 Indonesia’s local-currency bonds has rallied this month...(180 KB)
24 Italian government bonds retreated on Thursday...(181 KB)
23 Japanese stocks declined the most in three weeks...(179 KB)
22 The dollar depreciated to its lowest level in nearly two years...(179 KB)
21 Global exchange-traded funds...(179 KB)

18 Equities, bonds, and commodities remained strong on Friday...(180 KB)
17 Global financial markets rallied early Thursday...(137 KB)
16 Global financial markets were on edge on Wednesday...(181 KB)
15 Global equities advanced on Tuesday...(181 KB)

11 The long-dated U.S. Treasuries gained for the first time in four days...(179 KB)
10 Global equities and the dollar rallied on Thursday ...(184 KB)
09 German government securities advanced on Wednesday...(140 KB)
08 U.S. short-term government bonds have been sold...(181 KB)
07 Global equities retreated on Monday...(182 KB)

04 The continued U.S. government shutdown.. (212 KB)
03 German government bonds fell for a fourth day ... (215 KB)
02 The dollar depreciated to a 5-week low of 97.32 ... (253 KB)
01 Developing-country stocks advanced for the first time in six days ... (216 KB)

Global equities and the dollar slumped on Monday ... (211 KB)
29 Growing concerns over U.S. budget woes weighed on global equities ... (214 KB)

26 The Japanese yen weakened for the first time in five days ... (180 KB) 
25 The dollar eased 0.2% against a basket of six major currencies to 80.563 ...(180 KB)
24 Global stock markets inched lower on Tuesday  ... (180 KB)
23 Irish government securities advanced ... (135 KB)

20 Developing-country stocks fell slightly from yesterday’s 4-month high ... (138 KB)
19 Global equities surged on Thursday ... (177 KB)
18 European and Japanese stocks advanced on Wednesday ... (178KB) 
17 U.S. Treasuries gained for a fifth day on Tuesday ...(177 KB)
16 European stocks extended their gains on Monday ... (179 KB)

13 Oil and gold helped lead commodities lower as the U.S. and Russia ...(176 KB)
12 Global stocks stalled at five-year highs... (178 KB)
11 The Japanese yen hovered near recent lows at about Y100/$ on Wednesday ...(178 KB)
10 US, European stocks jumped...(179 KB)
09 US equities rose for a fifth day running...(176 KB)

06  Equities are firmer and benchmark borrowing costs are pulling back sharply...(177 KB)
05 Optimism about the global economy is helping to nudge growth-focused assets...(175 KB)
04 US stocks rose as technology and automobile companies led gains..(177 KB).
03 US equities rose following the worst month since May 2012 for the S&P 500...(178 KB)


U.S. Treasuries extended losses on Wednesday...(179 KB)
30 Global equities moved higher on Tuesday... (180 KB)
29 The yen rose for a third day against the dollar on Monday...(176 KB)

25  U.S. Treasuries and German bunds fell...(180 KB)
24  Global stock markets edged higher on Wednesday..(176 KB).
23 Global equities advanced on Tuesday benchmark... (178 KB)
22 US oil prices have reached parity with the global crude...(178 KB)

19 All European government bonds are gearing for weekly gains on Friday...(151 KB)
18 The Dollar strengthened versus global major currencies...(156 KB)
17 U.S. Treasuries advanced for a for third day on Wednesday (177 KB)
16 The net outflow of U.S. long-term securities rose (186 KB)
15 Financial Markets…European stocks advanced..(175 KB)

12 Global equities are heaving for their best week in 8 months..(151 KB)
11 Italian and Spanish government bonds fell on Thursday...(156 KB)
10 Italy’s sovereign credit rating was cut to ‘BBB’ from ‘BBB+...(163 KB)
09 Greek government bonds advanced for a third day on Tuesday...(153 KB)
08 Japan unloaded record amounts of U.S. Treasuries in May...(157 KB)

03 Portuguese government bonds tumbled on Wednesday...(158 KB)
02 Japanese stocks advanced for a fourth day on Tuesday...(155 KB)
01 Global bonds and equities tumbled for a second consecutive month in June...(156 KB)


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