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Weekly Brief Archive - 2009

Weekly Briefs published in 2009

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December 2009
 Relatively strong domestic demand... (191 KB)
download10 Foreign direct investment inflows to developing countries...(236 KB)
download03 Global Industrial production growth...(155 KB)

November 2009
download19 Trade activity continues to improve...(163 KB)
download12 Joblessness continues to rise...(193 KB)
download05 Developing country international reserve positions have risen in relation to US dollar...(166 KB)

October 2009
 Capacity utilization continues to fall across majority of countries...(137 KB)
download22 High-income countries join the upturn in production...(145 KB)
download15 The dollar's slide has accelerated...(177 KB)
download08 Financial markets continue to stabilize or recover...(267 KB)
download01 Headline inflation subsided markedly in 2009...(126 KB)

September 2009
download24 The G-20 Pittsburgh summit convenes today...(161 KB)
download17 Industrial production recorded positive growth...(142 KB)

July 2009
 Increased attention focused on inflation and exit strategies...(212 KB)
download24 Global imports have reached a point of inflexion, as the rate of contraction is easing...(146 KB)
download16 Pace of contraction in industrial production for high-income countries decelerated...(206 KB)
download9 German factory orders and industrial production post strong monthly gains...(206 KB)
download2 Despite a sharp drop this week, global equities rallied sharply in the last quarter...(124 KB)

June 2009
 U.S. durable goods and capital goods orders rose in May...(136KB)
download18 Flows to developing countries have strengthened over the past few months...(203 KB)
download11 Ireland lost its AAA rating on concerns about its public finances...(448 KB)
download04 The rally in global equity markets continues...(80 KB)

May 2009
 Germany and Japan report deflation...(169 KB)
download21 Industrial production for developing countries as a group shows a 2.5% decline...(115 KB)
download14 Industrial production in high income countries contracted 17.6% in March...(123 KB)
download07 Global financial markets continued to rally in the week...(194 KB)

April 2009
 World Health Organization warns of imminent pandemic...(36 KB)
download23 The IMF states that the recession will be deeper...(36 KB)
download16 The latest OECD composite leading indicators...(36 KB)
download09 World trade in value terms plunged by a stark 27%...(37 KB)
download02 G-20 concludes with agreement to boost IFI emergency funds by $1.1tn...(37 KB)

March 2009
 U.S. plans for financial support and regulation were announced...(38 KB)





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