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Daily Brief Archive - 2007

Daily Briefs published in 2007

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December 2007
 U.S. housing recession deepens as starts and permits fall in November...(37 KB)
download17 U.S. current account deficit narrows to 5.1% of GDP in Q3-07...(34 KB)

download14 CPI jumps 0.8% in November (m/m) on record energy costs...(33 KB)
download13 Soaring gasoline prices lift U.S. retail sales to a 1.2% pace in November...(37 KB)
download12 Fed Funds cut by 25 basis points to 4.25%—Wall Street hoped for more...(38 KB)
download11 Fed to cut rates today...question appears to be—by how much...(31 KB)
download10 Global debt issuance tumbled by almost two-thirds last quarter...(40 KB)

download07 Equity markets rally worldwide...(39 KB)
download06 U.S. initial claims for unemployment insurance ease in latest week..(34 KB)
download05 U.S. services activity dips in November...(38 KB)
download04 U.S. manufacturing growth flattens in November...(37 KB)

November 2007
download30 Fed officials’ statements hint at further rate reductions...(35 KB)
download29 U.S. GDP growth marked-up to 4.9% for Q-3 on net exports and stocks...(40 KB)
download28  U.S. Treasuries tumble as stock markets rebound...(39 KB)
download27 U.S. stock markets hit hard by return of credit crunch fears...(35 KB)
download26 U.S. "Black Friday" holiday sales look to be impressive...(35 KB)

download21 U.S. initial claims turn the corner toward uptrend...(35 KB)
download20 U.S. housing starts up in October for first in eight months...(34 KB)
download19 U.S. retailer forecasts point to leanest holiday sales since 2002...(33 KB)

download16 U.S. production falls sharply in October...(29 KB)
download15 U.S. Treasuries rise as stock markets retreat...(32 KB)
download14 Further reports on sub-prime related losses...(32 KB)
download13 Japan GDP revives in the third quarter...(33 KB)
download12 Asian stocks hit 3-month lows...(31 KB)

download9 Fresh credit losses by major U.S. bank...(42 KB)
download8 Central banks caught between growth- and inflation risks...(42 KB)
download7 Credit-default swap rates return to high August levels...(36 KB)
download6 Dollar falls to fresh lows against euro at $1.4570...(38 KB)
download5 U.S. services activity surprises to the upside in October...(36 KB)

download2 U.S. jobs increase a robust 166,000 in October...(36 KB)
download1 Mixed results for global equities following Fed decision...(38 KB)

October 2007
 U.S. GDP advances 3.9% in third quarter...(38 KB)
download30 In U.S. economic news...(38 KB)
download29 Japan’s retail sales fall sharply in September..(33 KB)

download26 U.S. sentiment down another notch in late-October...(38 KB)
download25 Growth in China continues to blister in third quarter...(40 KB)
download24 U.S. existing home sales decline to lowest on record in September...(37 KB)
download23 Fed appears to throw support behind Treasury plan for commercial paper...(33 KB)

download19 G-7 meeting in Washington today...(33 KB)
download18  Credit rating downgrades on U.S. sub-prime mortgage debt...(34 KB)
download17 IMF revises down world growth forecast...(39 KB)
download16 U.S. TICs report shows large exodus from U.S. assets in August...(40 KB)
download15 Equity prices continue to rally in India...(39 KB)

download12 U.S. retail surprises to the upside in September...(39 KB)
download11 U.S. trade deficit narrows in August on surge in exports...(38 KB)
download10 Russia moves to ease credit conditions in the inter-bank market...(37 KB)
download09 Merrill Lynch reports major write-downs and loss in third quarter...(39 KB)

download05 U.S. jobs growth above expectations in September...(39 KB)
download04 U.S. durable goods orders down 5% in August...(37 KB)
download03  U.S. services activity slips in September...(37 KB)
download02 Citigroup reports major losses and write-downs...(38 KB)
download01 European bank reports major losses from U.S. subprime mortgages...(38 KB)

September 2007
 Financial market disarray curbs global M&A activity...(38 KB)
download27 ECB loans €3.9bn ($5.5bn) at penalty rate yesterday...(40 KB)
download26 U.S. durable goods orders down by most in seven months...( 35 KB)
download25 U.S. existing home sales plummet in August...( 37 KB)
download24 IMF warns of “protracted period” of financial instability... (37 KB)

download21 Euro notches fresh record highs vs. dollar at $1.40 USD/Euro... (32 KB)
download20 U.S. initial unemployment claims fall in latest week... (35 KB)
download19 Fed drops Funds rate a full 50 basis points to 4.75%... (39 KB)
download18  U.S. producer prices fall sharply in August... (38 KB)
download17 Global stock markets decline... (36 KB)

download14 European equities drop...set off by U.K. mortgage lender... (36 KB)
download13 Oil prices top $80/bbl...(41 KB)
download11 Emerging market debt-spreads continue to widen... (37 KB)
download10 Asian stocks fall sharply, led by Japan and Korea...(39 KB)

download07 Market for investment-grade corporate securities remains buoyant...(35 KB)
download06 Global credit conditions continue to tighten...(39 KB)
download05 OECD marks down high-income country projections...(39 KB)
download04 The financial crunch continues...(39 KB)

August 2007 - on Recess

July 2007
 U.S. housing slump: still not at bottom...(32 KB)
download24 European household spending still mixed...(32 KB)
download23 Surveys underscore positive developments in U.S. and Europe...(31 KB)

download20 U.S. mortgage applications fall-off in latest week...(31 KB)
download19 U.S. unemployment claims fall in latest week...(27 KB)
download18 U.S. CPI eases in June on lower energy...(26 KB)
download17 U.S. producer prices ease in June...(34 KB)
download16 Euro at fresh highs versus greenback...(35 KB)

download13 Equity markets continue to rally...(31 KB)
download12 deficit widens on oil...(34 KB)
download11 U.S. mortgage apps increase in latest week...(35 KB)
download10 Bank of Canada raises rates 25 points to 4.5%...(37 KB)
download09 German factory output recovers in May...(34 KB)

download06 U.S. jobless rate holds at 4.5% for third month, near a 6-year low...(32 KB)
download05 European Central Bank leaves interest rates unchanged...(34 KB)
download03 U.S. capital goods orders slip in May...(28 KB)
download02 Manufacturing picks-up in June...(28 KB)

June 2007
download29 U.S. personal income and spending firms in May...(30 KB)
download28 Fed expected to hold Funds rate at 5.25%...(36 KB)
download27 U.S. durable goods orders fall more than expected...(35 KB)
download26 U.S. home sales continue declines...(38 KB)
download25 German consumer confidence increases to 6-month high...(33 KB)

download22 German business confidence softens in June...(27 KB)
download21 U.S. initial unemployment claims jump 10,000 in latest week...(34 KB)
download20 U.S. mortgage applications fall sharply in latest week...(31 KB)
download19 U.S. housing starts decline in May...(31 KB)
download18 Singapore’s non-oil domestic exports increased by 3.7%...(31 KB)

download15 U.S. CPI ramps-up 0.7% in May on higher energy costs...(33 KB)
download14 U.S. PPI jumps 0.9% in May on higher energy costs...(33 KB)
download13 April (0.1% decline in turnover) U.S. consumers opened their wallets in May...(37 KB)
download12 Euro Zone exports and production hard hit by euro gains...(35 KB)
download11 Japan’s first-quarter GDP revised up sharply to 3.3%...(36 KB)

download08 U.S. April trade deficit narrows by more than forecasters expect...(33 KB)
download07 U.S. unemployment claims drop in latest week...(24 KB)
download06 ECB raises intervention rates by 25 basis points to 4%...(35 KB)
download05 Services activity picks up in U.S. and Europe...(39 KB)
download04 Chinese shares tumble once more...(39 KB)
download01 European GDP up 2.4% in first quarter, led by surge in investment...(39 KB)

May 2007
 Major equity markets push-through to new highs...(40 KB)
download30 Japan’s production falls for a second month in April...(35 KB)
download29 Private capital flows reach new record in 2006...(36 KB)

download25 U.S. existing home sales decline for second month in April...(27 KB)
download24 U.S. new home sales skyrocket in April...(24 KB)
download23 U.S. mortgage apps increase to 2-month high...(33 KB)
download22 European economic sentiment picks-up sharply...(33 KB)
download21 U.S. long-term interest rates up; dollar firms...(35 KB)
download18 China unveils policy changes..(34 KB

download17 Japan GDP growth slips to 2.4% in first quarter...(37 KB)
download16 U.S. building permits at lowest levels in a decade...(37 KB)
download15 Euro Area GDP up 2.4% in first quarter (saar)...(35KB)
download14 Japan’s current account surplus at fresh highs...(34 KB)

download11 U.S. retail sales drop in April; producer prices continue quick advance...(37 KB)
download10 Fed holds rates at 5.25%...inflation risk dominates...(40 KB)
download09 U.S. FOMC statement awaited...Trichet to signal ECB action in June...(36 KB)
download08 Central Bank of China tightens reserve requirements...(34 KB)
download07 Euro Area 2007 growth upgraded...(35)

download04 U.S. job growth slumps in April...(35)
download03 U.S. productivity slows in first quarter 2007...(38)
download02 U.S. factory orders show solid gains in March...(38)
download01 U.S. manufacturing revives in April...(33)

April 2007
 U.S. first-quarter income growth strong...(36)
download27 U.S. GDP growth falters to 1.3% in first quarter...(39 KB)
download26 U.S. mortgage applications show little growth...(36)
download25 U.S. durable goods orders rebound in March..(36 KB)
download24 U.S. existing home sales plummet in March..(36 KB)
download23 Dollar plumbs 3-year lows...(35 KB)

download20 French consumer spending surges in first quarter...(31 KB)
download19 China GDP growth above expectations in first quarter...(35 KB)
download18 U.S. mortgage applications fall in latest week...(35 KB)
download17 U.S. CPI ends first quarter up 3.8% (saar)...(33 KB)
download16 U.S. retail sales hit a 3-month high in March...(33 KB)

download13 U.S. PPI jumps on energy costs during March...(34 KB)
download12 U.S. FOMC minutes revive prospects for higher rates....(36 KB)
download11 IMF sees world economy weathering a U.S. slump in 2007...(36 KB)
download10 European indicators take a leg-up in February...(30 KB)
download09 East Asia, Malaysia’s industrial production contracted 0.2% in February...(30 KB)

 U.S. payrolls rise; jobless rate drops...(34 KB)
download05 German industrial output rises for second month in 2007...(34 KB)
download04 Activity in services loses momentum in first quarter...(32 KB)
download03 Global stock markets advance...(32 KB)
 Manufacturing slumps on both sides of the Atlantic...(35 KB)

March 2007
 Improved tenor of indicators across the OECD...(41 KB)
download29 Market jitters appear to subside on Thursday...(35 KB)
download28 Risk aversion on the rise in financial markets...(33 KB)
download27 Mixed developments in sentiment...(32 KB)
download26 U.S. new home sales slump in February...(32 KB)

download23 U.S. existing homes sales jump in February...(33 KB)
download22 FOMC statement boosts U.S. financial markets...(36 KB)
download21 Fed likely to tone down today’s FOMC statement...(32 KB)
download20 U.S. housing starts up in February—permits continue decline...(31 KB)
download19 A volatile yen—fallout from equity market turmoil...(32 KB)

download16 U.S. February CPI up on fuels and food prices...(37 KB)
download15 Global stock markets rebound from losses...(35 KB)
download14 Emerging market debt-spreads widen on financial market turbulence...(32 KB)
download13 U.S. retail sales stagnant for second month in February...(37 KB)
download12 Japan GDP revised up sharply for final quarter 2006...(37 KB)

download09 U.S. unemployment rate unexpectedly falls to 4.5%...(37 KB)
download08 ECB hikes policy rates by 25 basis-points to 3.75%...(34 KB)
download07 Rebound in global equity markets appears to consolidate...(34 KB)
download06 Global stocks bounce back from a weeklong sell-off...(27 KB)
download05 Global stocks continue to tumble... (33 KB)

download02 German retail spending knocked out by January’s VAT hike...(32 KB)
download01 Chinese stocks slip again on Thursday...(37 KB)

February 2007
 Chinese stocks rebound following record falloff yesterday...(41 KB)
download27 China stocks hit hard in trading today...(36 KB)
download26 EM debt spreads return to all-time lows...(31 KB)
download23 German business sentiment dips in February...(32 KB)
download22 Japan’s trade surplus widens in January...(36 KB)
download21 U.S. CPI gains a moderate 0.2% in January...(35 KB)
download20 France closes 2006 with an upturn in GDP growth...(24 KB)

download16 U.S. housing starts tumble in January...(32 KB)
download15 U.S. retail sales: no change in January...(32 KB)
download13 Euro Area GDP up sharply in fourth quarter...(32 KB)
download12 India’s industrial production climbed 11.1% in December...(32 KB)

download09 French and Italian IP rebound at year-end...(39 KB)
download08 ECB stands pat with rates at 3.5%...signals March hike...( 39 KB)
download07 German industrial production drops at year end...( 33 KB)
download06 German factory orders slump at year end...(32 KB)
download05 The pace of U.S. services activity jumps in January..(33 KB)
download02 U.S. job gains halve from December to January...(34 KB)
download01 U.S. personal incomes close the year on a high note...(34 KB)

January 2007
download31 U.S. GDP rebounds to 3.5% growth in fourth quarter...(34 KB)
download30 Mixed signals from Japan at year end...(34 KB)
download29 A Davos message: global financial risks appear modest...(33 KB)

download26 U.S. new home sales up in December...(34 KB)
download25 China GDP grows 10.7% in 2006...(35 KB)
download24 U.S. mortgage applications drop in latest week...(33 KB)
download23 French consumer spending strong in December....(29 KB)
download22 S&P downgrades Ecuador ratings to CCC...(34 KB)

download19 Consumer confidence brightens on both sides of the Atlantic in January...(34 KB)
download18  Oil prices slump in January....(39 KB)
download17 Global growth to continue at 5% pace in 2007...(36 KB)
download16 China’s FDI revives in 2006...(34 KB)

download12 U.S. December retail sales surprise to the upside...(32 KB)
download11 Global FDI increased for a third consecutive year in 2006..(35 KB)
download10 Sizeable improvement in U.S. November trade deficit...(32 KB)
download09 German exports slow in November; momentum still strong...(34 KB)
download08 German factory orders improve in November...(34 KB)

download05 U.S. December job gains best consensus view...(34 KB)
download04 Price-cutting dampens U.S. December retail chain sales...(35KB)
download03 U.S. factory activity up in December; construction outlays continue decline...(34 KB)

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