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Daily Brief Archive - 2008

Daily Briefs published in 2008

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December 2008
 Global markets: equities mixed, Treasuries rebound...(39 KB)
download18 U.S. stocks rally on auto bailout...(41 KB)
download17 Fed cuts policy rate to record low...(22 KB)
download16 Agencies downgrade credit ratings for Ecuador and Venezuela...(36 KB)
download15 Mixed showing for world stocks...(45 KB)

download08 Global equities soar on U.S. stimulus plan...(37 KB)

download05 Global markets: stocks decline on downbeat U.S. jobs numbers...(36 KB)
download04 Investors remain bearish on stocks...despite interest rate reductions...(40 KB)
download03 Global markets: stocks & euro slump, CDSs jump to record levels...(37 KB)
download02 Stock markets mixed on Tuesday...(36 KB)
download01 World stock markets disappoint in December kick-off...(31 KB)

November 2008
 World markets react positively to Citigroup rescue plan...(41 KB)

download20 Global markets: stocks & oil slump while government bonds & gold rise...(30 KB)
download19 Global markets: stocks and oil drop, government bonds up...(40 KB)
download18 Economic woes continue to weigh on global equity markets...(40 KB)
download17 World stock markets remain bearish...(41 KB)

download14 Global equities fell to a two-week low...(35 KB)
download12 Global markets: stocks in bearish mood...(41 KB)
download11 Recession concerns hit global markets again...(33 KB)
download10 Global equities surge on China stimulus plan...(40 KB)

download07 Global markets mixed on Friday...(38 KB)
download06 End of a bear-market rally?...(37 KB)
download05 Mixed results for global equities...(37 KB)
download04 Global equities bullish...(36 KB)
download03 U.S. manufacturing activity drops to 26-year lows in October...(36 KB)

October 2008
 Global equities rebound after massive losses in the last week...(38 KB)
download27 Unrelenting sell-off in global equities...(36 KB)

download24 Global stock markets plummet again on recession concerns...(40 KB)
download23 Where is the bottom?...(40 KB)
download22 Global stocks decline on concerns about earnings...(33 KB)
download21 Stocks mixed across the globe...(36 KB)
download20 Stocks in most economies advanced...(39 KB)

download17 Markets are mixed, volatility elevated...(47 KB)
download16 Market concerns over looming economic slowdown outweighed...(39 KB)
download15 Markets are still uneasy on global recession fears...(43 KB)
download14 The US government today outlined three new initiatives to aid financial institutions...(43 KB)

download10 Global stocks decline in waves...(40 KB)
download09 More government interventions in banking...(39 KB)
download08 Central banks launch coordinated rate cut...(41 KB)
download07 Global stock markets mixed following government interventions...(37 KB)
download06 Global stock markets tumble, government bonds rise...(33 KB)

download03 House to vote on financial rescue package today...(42 KB)
download02 Credit market freeze continues...(34 KB)
download01 Global equities continue volatile...(42 KB)

September 2008
 Credit markets remain squeezed following rejection of bailout plan...(33 KB)
download29 Money market crunch intensifies on European banks bailouts...(35 KB)

download26 Global markets—stocks fall on bailout delay, government bonds rise...(38 KB)
download25 Global money markets remain tight amid uncertainty about the bailout plan...(38 KB)
download24 Bernanke sees ‘grave threats’ to financial stability...(37 KB)
download23 Investors remain bearish on stocks as doubts over rescue plan heighten...(35 KB)
download22 Global markets—stocks mixed, Treasuries up slightly; investors remain cautious...(24 KB)

download19 Global equity markets soar on rescue plan...(30 KB)
download18 Central banks provide emergency liquidity to calm money markets...(34 KB)
download17 U.S. government rescues AIG with $85 billion emergency loan...(40 KB)
download16 Sell-off in global markets continues as Wall Street’s woes deepen...(42 KB)
download15 Lehman files for bankruptcy and Merrill agrees to be sold...(37 KB)

download12 Mixed results for global equities on Friday...(36 KB)
download11 Lehman revealed record quarterly loss of nearly $4 billion...(36 KB)
download10 European Commission marks down outlook for Euro Area growth in 2008...(37 KB)
download09 Moody’s says CDO defaults are likely to rise...(36 KB)
download08 Global equities surged on takeover of Fannie and Freddie...(33 KB)

download05 U.S. drops 84,000 jobs in August—for an eighth month of losses...(32 KB)
download04 German factory orders continue marked decline in July...(38 KB)
download03 Euro Area GDP drops 0.8% in second quarter...further declines likely...(36 KB)
download02  U.S.manufacturing activity falls in August, for the first month in three...(32 KB)

August 2008 - on Recess

July 2008
 World stocks close higher on earnings...(37 KB)
download29 Merrill-Lynch unveils further write-downs—others in the pipeline...(36 KB)
download28 Goldman-Sachs cuts Asia growth forecasts...(35 KB)

download25 U.S. durable goods orders— an upside surprise for June...(35 KB)
download24 Mixed performance for world equities...(36 KB)
download23 French consumer spending slumps in June...(32 KB)
download22 Paulson cites global repercussions of inaction on Fannie/Freddie...(35 KB)
download21 Global equities gain on earnings outlook...(34 KB)

download18 Better-than-expected earnings from major banks...(32 KB)
download17 IMF interim WEO projections call for weak 2nd half growth...(32 KB)
download16 Global equities drop following Wall Street’s decline...(35 KB)
download15 Significant downside risks to the outlook for growth...(37 KB)
download14 U.S. government to offer financial support to Fannie and Freddie...(39 KB)

download09 Euro Area first-quarter growth revised down on trade and investment...(37 KB)
download08 G-8 warns of risk to world economy from oil and food prices...(23 KB)
download07 World stocks rebound from last week's lows...(22 KB)

download03 U.S. payrolls decline for sixth consecutive month...(34 KB)
download02  Euro Area producer prices jumped to a record 7.1%...(33 KB)
download01 The U.S. ISM factory index surprises with an expansion in June...(37 KB)

June 2008
 The Euro Area’s flash CPI rose 4% (y/y) in June...(37 KB)

download27 U.S. consumer spending rose more than forecast in May on higher incomes...(31 KB)
download26 Mixed outturns for world stock markets...(40 KB)
download25 Emerging market bonds trip-up ahead of today’s Fed decision...(35 KB)
download24 Global equities remain weak...(31 KB)
download23 Asian shares plunge on Wall Street sell-off...(34 KB)

download20 Germany’s producer price index accelerated at the fastest rate in nearly two years...(34 KB)
download19 U.S. unemployment claims ease in latest week, but uptrend remains...(33 KB)
download18 U.S. mortgage applications continue decline in June...(33 KB)
download17 Flow of U.S. indicators points to declining output growth, higher inflation...(37 KB)
download16  U.S. Empire State manufacturing survey disappoints...(36 KB)

download13 Consumer prices in U.S. jumped 0.6% in May...(32 KB)
download12 U.S. retail sales surge in May as stimulus checks are expended...(34 KB)
download11 Fed Beige Book suggests economy “generally weak” in April and May...(25 KB)
download10 World stock markets retreat amid fear of higher rates...(37 KB)
download09 Asian markets tumble on Monday...(37 KB)

download06 U.S. job losses mount in May; unemployment rate jumps to 5.5%...(32 KB)
download05 ECB hints at interest rate hike to battle inflation...(34 KB)
download04 U.S. services activity eases in May...(34 KB)
download03 Euro Area GDP growth up 3.2% in first quarter on investment...(38 KB)

May 2008
 U.S. durable goods orders (ex-transport) jump in April...(32 KB)
download27 Sales of new homes in the United States increase in April...(32 KB)

download23 U.S. existing home sales continue decline in April...(34 KB)
download21 German business confidence surprises to the upside in May...(24 KB)
download20 U.S. PPI up moderate 0.2% in April, but core prices a concern...(27 KB)
download19 U.S. leading indicator up for a second month in April....(24 KB)

download16 Japan GDP surges 3.3% in first quarter 2008...(33 KB)
download14 U.S. Consumer prices show modest pick-up of 0.2%...(33 KB)
download13 U.S. retail sales post sharpest decline in five years...(37 KB)
download12 U.K. April producer prices climb at the fastest annual pace in 22 years...(33 KB)

download09 Global equity markets remain depressed...(37 KB)
download08 U.S. initial claims for unemployment insurance dip in latest week...(37 KB)
download07 German factory orders fall sharply in March...(34 KB)
download06 European services activity surprises to the upside in April...(38 KB)
download05 U.S. services activity rebounds in April...(27 KB)

download02 March U.S. factory orders jump 1.4%, surprising on upside...(27 KB)

April 2008
 U.S. GDP surprises to the upside with gain of 0.6% in first quarter...(38 KB)
download29 U.S. housing market continues in steep downdraft...(32 KB)
download28 Japan retail sales jump to growth of 1.8% (y/y)...(31 KB)

download25 U.S. consumer sentiment plummets to 26-year low in April...(33 KB)
download24 A mixed string of U.S. economic news...(33 KB)
download22 Bank of Canada cuts policy rates 50 basis points to 3%...(32 KB)

download18 IMF Chief Economist says “Bio-fuels policy needs re-thinking...(34 KB)
download17 U.S. initial claims for unemployment insurance resume uptrend...(32 KB)
download16 U.S. consumer prices up 0.3% in March on food and energy costs...(32 KB)
download15 U.S. producer prices up sharply in March...(37 KB)
download14 U.S. retail sales flat for first quarter...(33 KB)

download11 U..S. Consumer confidence plunges to a 26-year low...(35 KB)
download10 U.S. trade deficit unexpectedly widens...(37 KB)
download09 U.S. wholesale inventories rose more than expected...(38 KB)

download04 U.S. employment declines a sharp 80,000 in March...(33 KB)
download03 U.S. initial claims for unemployment insurance surge in latest week...(32 KB)
download02 Global equity markets rally...(36 KB)
download01 Major banks unveil further write-downs...(36 KB)

March 2008
 Chicago PMI survey sheds some light on U.S. exports...(39 KB)

download28 US consumers lend no support to growth...(29 KB)
download27 Last revision for Q-4 U.S. GDP shows growth still 0.6%...(33 KB)
download26 U.S. new home sales down in February; median prices pick-up...(37 KB)
download25 U.S. consumer confidence to 5-year low in March; home prices continue slid...(31 KB)
download24 U.S. home re-sales up in February on lower prices...(36 KB)

download19 Fed cuts benchmark rate by 75 basis points to 2.25%...(33 KB)
download18 Stock markets rebound ahead of Fed meeting today...(34 KB)
download17 Equities and dollar sink in serious financial market turmoil...(36 KB)
download14 U.S. CPI surprisingly flat in February on lower fuel prices...(35 KB)
download13 U.S. retail sales fall in February as autos take a hard hit...(37 KB)
download12 Japan GDP revised down to 3.5% for fourth quarter, on investment...(35 KB)
download11 Fed announces $200 billion plan to support mortgage securities market...(36 KB)
download10 China’s exports knocked out by winter weather...(28 KB)

download07 U.S. employment drops 63,000 in February...(36 KB)
download06 U.S. initial claims for unemployment insurance down in latest week...(35 KB)
download05 U..S. services rebounds sharply from January findings...(34 KB)
download04 Commodity prices are up sharply this year on supply constraints...(31 KB)
download03 U.S. manufacturing activity declines in February...(30 KB)

February 2008
download29 Disappointing U.S. income-and consumption figures for January...(34 KB)
download28 Revised fourth-quarter U.S. GDP unchanged—but below expectations...(36 KB)
download27 Fed Chairman testifies before House Financial Services Committee...(37 KB)
download26 U.S. producer prices skyrocket to a 13.5% pace rate in January...(35 KB)
download25  U.S. existing single-family home sales up in January...(33 KB)

download22 Europe’s services growth accelerated more than forecast...(31 KB)
download21 Today’s reports on U.S. economy underscore weakness...(36 KB)
download20 U.S. headline inflation soars to 6.4% in January (saar); core prices a concern...(36 KB)
download19 China inflation accelerates to new high in January...(30 KB)

download15 U.S. consumer sentiment drops to 16-year low in February...(38 KB)
download14 Major banks continue to back away from auction-rate bonds...(37 KB)
download13 U.S. retail sales show increase for January...(32 KB)
download12 Credit-default swaps soar on AIG credit loss...(33 KB)
download11 World stock markets lost $5.2 trillion last month...(35 KB)

download08 S&P proposes an overhaul of ratings method...(33 KB)
download07 Global IPOs tumble on market uncertainties...(36 KB)
download06 Asian stocks stumble following US market plunge...(31 KB)
download05 Services activity falls sharply in the U.S. and Europe in January...(37 KB)
download04 Headline U.S. factory orders strong in December, on transport- and export orders...(32 KB)

download01 U.S. job contraction in January could weigh on economic growth...(39 KB)

January 2008
download30 IMF lowers world growth forecast in midst of financial turmoil...(37 KB)
download29 U.S. durable goods orders strong in December on defense surge...(39 KB)
download28 Global stock markets slump once more...(37 KB)

download25 Global stock markets continue in recovery...(37 KB)
download24 Regulator to oversee rescue package for troubled bond insurers...(39 KB)
download23 Mixed results for world stock markets after U.S rate cut...(39 KB)
download22 U.S. Federal Reserve slashes its key interest rate 75 basis points to 3.5%...(34 KB)

download17 U.S. housing starts drop to lowest level since 1991...(39 KB)
download16 US industrial production remained unchanged in December, stronger than expected...(39 KB)
download15 Citigroup reports major loss on $18 bn write-downs...(35 KB)
download14 European Industrial Output declined 0.5% in November (saar)..(
36 KB)

download11 The U.S. trade deficit widened to $63.1 billion in November...(34 KB)
download10 U.S. corporate default risk rises for sixth day...(37 KB)
download09 Global GDP growth eased to 3.6% in 2007...(34 KB)
download08 European retail sales surprise on the downside...(34 KB)
download07 Asian stocks fell on the sell-off in U.S. equities...(33 KB)

download04 Poor U.S. job growth and rise in jobless claims give markets the jitters...(34 KB)
download03 U.S. factory orders loose momentum into year-end...(34 K)
download02 Weak start for global equities...(34 KB)

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