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Daily Brief Archive - 2010

Daily Briefs published in 2010

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 Initial unemployment claims stabilize below the 450,000 mark...(149 KB)
download22 Argentina’s reopening ofdebt exchange offer aims to put default behind...(117 KB)
download21 Treasuries move higher before Fed bond purchases....(71 KB)
download20 Yields on European corporate debts are higher than those of US debt...(91 KB)

download17 Business confidence continues soaring in Germany...( 70 KB)
download16 Dollar weakens, euro remains firm...( 70 KB)
download15 U.S. Treasuries advance modestly after lower-than-expected CPI data....(68 KB)
download14 Early holiday shopping provides boost to US retail sales...(145 KB)

download09 European equities climbed to two-year high on improving economic outlook...(142 KB)
download08 G3 countries’ government bonds turn lower...(119 KB)
download07 Commodity prices surged, with gold and copper jumping to records...(120 KB)
 Emerging market stocks continue to advance...(113 KB)

download03 Treasuries turn higher on disappointing job data...(111 KB)
download02 Emerging market stocks continue to rebound..(149 KB).
download01 Market sentiment turns positive as ECB signals more bond buying... (151 KB)

November 2010
 European debt crisis intensifies as contagion fears rise...(129 KB)
download29 Poor market reaction to Irish bailout...(116 KB)

download24 Euro-zone debt problems deepen on contagion fears...(116 KB)
download23 Global markets: stocks and commodities down...(123 KB)
download22 Ireland reaches agreement on EU/IMF bailout deal, markets remain unconvinced...(116 KB)

download19 Irish bonds continue to rise amid a possible aid talk...(112 KB)
download18 Spain’s successful bond sale shrugs off contagion fears for the moment...(129 KB)
download17 Emerging market equities fall for six days...(126 KB)
download16 U.S. industrial production flat in October, factory output grows
download15 U.S. consumers continue spending...(105 KB)

download12 U.S. consumer sentiment improves in November...(163 KB)
download10 Global markets: stocks retreat, the dollar and oil advance...(130 KB)
download 9 Emerging market stocks continue rise...(159 KB)
download 8 Credit-default swaps on Ireland surge to record...(122 KB)

download5 U.S. payrolls increase, but unemployment remains high...(130 KB)
download4 Stocks and commodities bolstered by the Fed’s QE2....(125 KB)
download3 Government bonds and stocks advance as Fed weighs stimulus plans...(125 KB)
download2 Lower-rated EM issuers are taking advantage...(130 KB) 

October 2010
 Emerging market stocks and commodity prices rose..(130 KB)
download29 U.S. GDP growth moves up to 2% in third quarter...(97 KB)
download28 Asia’s IPO activity is dominating the global IPO market...(155 KB)
download27 Russian sovereign debt risk rise relative to Turkey...(150 KB)
download26 The U.S. Treasury sells bonds with negative yield for the first time...(148 KB)
download25 Emerging market equities advance the most in almost two weeks...(111 KB)

download22 Foreign investors pour record amounts of money into EM Funds... (156 KB)
download21 Russia to sell record volume of local-currency bonds on overseas markets...(120 KB)
download20 Treasuries edge higher amid growing market expectation of Fed debt purchases...(110 KB)
download19 China’s unexpected rate hike jolts markets...(163 KB)
download18 Emerging market equities drop the most in almost two months...(70 KB)

download15 US consumers continue spending...(153 KB)
download14 Poland to privatize its stock exchange...(152 KB)
download13 South African stocks rise to 2-year high...(108 KB)
download12 Thailand to impose tax on foreign investment in bonds...(103 KB)

download08 EM equity funds receive the most weekly inflows since late 2007...(159 KB)
download07 Mixed results for Treasury prices...(149 KB)
download06 Fitch downgrades Ireland’s credit rating another notch...(118 KB)
download05 German government bond climbs amid demand for safe-haven assets...(149 KB)
download04 U.S. business capital spending still strong...(151 KB)

download01 Personal consumption expenditures (PCE) in August beat market expectations...(161 KB)

September 2010
download30 Moody’s downgrades Spain’s credit rating by a notch... (161 KB)
download29 German government bond yield reaches three-week low...(106 KB)
download28 Treasuries advance amid lingering European debt concerns...(113 KB)
download27 Debt concerns on some European countries persist...(66 KB)

download24 Brazil's Petrobas in World's Biggest Share Sale...(107 KB)
download23 Emerging market equities fall from two-year high...(150 KB)
download22 European government bonds climb on speculation...(112 KB)
download21 Two year U.S treasury notes reach record lows...(70KB)
download20 Russian banks continue to tap the international bond markets...(71 KB)

download17 Japanese intervention to weaken yen draws criticism...79 KB)
download16 Poland to sell euro-denominated 10-year bonds....(151 KB)
download15 EU unveils new rules for financial markets...(105 KB)
download14 Brazil to sell $500 million of international bonds...(140 KB)
download13 Treasuries continue to tumble following last week’s sell-off...(148 KB)

download10 Japan’s economy grows faster than previously estimated...(155 KB)
download 9 Emerging market equities rebound as European debt concern ease...(158 KB)
download 8 China continues to increase holding of Japanese bonds...(111 KB)
download 7 Treasuries edge higher amid renewed concerns on European banks...(109 KB)

July 2010
 Chile returns to international bond market after six-year absence...(164 KB)
download29 Interbank rates for euro funding continue to edge higher...(108 KB)
download28 Sovereign debt risk for European governments is easing...(111 KB)
download27 Global markets extend rally as investor confidence further improves...(118 KB)
download26 Seven European banks failed the stress test...(110 KB)

download23 European bank stress tests in the headlines today...(169 KB)
download22 Ukraine ratings on credit watch ‘positive’ on improving finances..(159 KB)
download21 Oil and equities rise on economic growth optimism..(166 KB)
download20 U.S. housing starts drop 5% in June...(173 KB)
download19 After talks with the IMF/EU, credit-default swaps on Hungarian debt jump...(119 KB)

download16 U.S. Consumer Price index (CPI) falls in June by 0.1%...(159 KB)
download15 U.S. industrial production expands in June on utilities output...(148 KB)
download14 U.S. retail spending continues decline into June...(112 KB)
download13 Moody's downgrades Portugal's sovereign debt rating...(161 KB)
download12 Modest gains for equities following the upbeat close to last week...(164 KB)

download 9 Global equity markets closed the week on a positive note...(113 KB)
download 8 ECB leaves rates unchanged against background of budget cuts...(164 KB)
download 7 German factory demand slips for the first in five months...(104 KB)
download 6 Mixed performance in global markets,...(72 KB)

download 2 EM corporate bond sales soared in first half 2010...(109 KB)
download 1 ECB’s €111 billion allotment eases interbank market tensions...(165 KB)

June 2010
 Interbank rates for euro funding push to highest levels since October...(111 KB)
download29 Sovereign debt risk on selected European countries continues to rise...(159 KB)
download28 Japanese retail sales tumble in May...(137 KB)

download24 Renewed concern over debt hampers European financial markets...(140 KB)
download23 Greek sovereign risk soars on dimmer prospects for global economic growth...(130 KB)
download22 Treasuries gain amid the flight to safety...(147 KB)
download21 Global equities remain robust on China’s yuan impact...(145 KB)

download16 Moody’s slashes Greece’s debt rating to junk, pushing up borrowing cost...(164 KB)
download15 European banks have large exposures to troubled euro-zone countries...(154 KB)

download 2 Pending sales of existing U.S. homes increase in April...(100 KB)
download 1 Global markets slump as China and Euro-Zone manufacturing prompt growth worries...(123 KB)

May 2010
 U.S. consumer confidence picks up in May...(153 KB)
download27 European banks squeezed out of commercial paper market...(156 KB)
download26 Battered markets bounce back, but investors remain cautious...(116 KB)
download25 Global markets slump as banking and geopolitical woes hit sentiment...(116 KB)
download24 Credit market conditions deteriorate...(161 KB)

download 21 Europe PMI flash estimate points to easing growth in May...(106 KB)
download 20 Treasuries advance amid the flight to safety...(153 KB)
download 19 Markets tumble on Germany's ban on short-selling...(171 KB)
download 18 Emerging markets rebound...(75 KB)
download 17 Global market sell-off continues amid renewed concern over Greek debt crisis...(107 KB)

download 14 U.S. retail sales gain for seventh consecutive month...(114 KB)
download 13 German bonds advance amid lingering bailout worries...(155 KB)
download 12 Dollar money-market rates at highest levels since August...(120 KB)
download 11 Market rally fades as European bailout plan reassessed...(153 KB)
download 10 Global markets rebound on EU/IMF aid...(162 KB)

download 7 Contagion fears hit global markets...(157 KB)
download 6 Spain feels pressure in bond market...(156 KB)
download 4 Global markets: equities and euro fall, government bonds climb...(121 KB)
download 3 Greece reaches agreement on EU/IMF deal, but markets remain wary...(118 KB)

April 2010
 Greek aid negotiations continue; contagion risks appear to lessen...(121 KB)
download29 S&P downgrades Spain's credit rating...(168 KB)
download28 S&P cuts ratings for Greece and Portugal...(127 KB)
download27 Portugal’s debt under pressure amid Greek contagion concerns...(159 KB)
download26 Greek bond yields jump to fresh highs...(159 KB)

download23 Greece formally requests Euro-Group/IMF financial assistance...(116 KB)
download22 Russia returns to the international bond market-first in more-than a decade...(160 KB)
download21 Greek debt costs continue to soar...(115 KB)
download20 Greece completes a successful short-term bond sale, but pays higher yield...(111 KB)
download19 Equities tumble on Goldman, China concerns, Icelandic volcano impacts ...(119 KB)

 Will Greece face IMF conditions as part of the financial support package? ...(82 KB)
download15 Treasury yields up slightly after regional manufacturing data ...(115 KB)
download14 Greek bonds continue to fall ...(158 KB)
download13 Greece attracts strong demand for its new debt sale...(72 KB)
download12 Bond default risk falls sharply on Greece aid plan...(112 KB)

download 9 Emerging market equities climb to 20-month high...(124 KB)
download 8 Greek bond spread hits record high...(124 KB)
download 7 Bond default risk increases in Europe...(110 KB)
download 6 Renewed concerns over Greek’s debt plight...(155 KB)
download 5 Global markets: equities and oil continue climb, government bonds fall...(107 KB)

download 2 U.S. unemployment rate holds steady at high level...(64 KB)
download 1 Renewed worries over Greek's financing situation...(160 KB)

March 2010
 EM bond issuances hit record high amid low borrowing cost...(153 KB)
download30 Greek bonds weak following new debt sales...(114 KB)
download29 Greece sells new bonds today to test the market...(78 KB)

download26 Euro-zone reaches deal over Greek aid plan...(121 KB)
download25 Mixed performance for world equities...(116 KB)
download24 Treasuries lower on strong economic data...(114 KB)
download23 Global equities lower on renewed debt concerns...(111 KB)

download18 Corporate borrowing cost at the narrowest since late-2007...(154 KB)
download17 Emerging market equities climb to two-month high...(111 KB)
download16 China continues to reduce holdings of U.S. Treasuries...(74 KB)
download15 Emerging market stocks fall the most in 2 weeks...(125 KB)

download12 S&P upgrades credit ratings for Indonesia and Ukraine...(82 KB)
download11 Corporate bond markets resurgent following recent sell-off...(71 KB)
 Emerging market equities push toward seven-week high...(77 KB)
download09 Treasuries advance ahead of $40 billion debt auction...(120 KB)
download08 German industrial output picks up...(101 KB)

download05 Emerging market equities push toward three-month highs...(156 KB)
download04 U.S. jobless claims show labor market improvement...(150 KB)
download03 Greece unveils new austerity measures to fight deficit...(147 KB)
download02 Global markets: stocks and oil climb, sterling and government bonds slide...(155 KB)
download01 Sovereign default risk on European countries decreases...(120 KB)

February 2010
 U.S. GDP growth for Q4-09 revised up slightly...(69 KB)
download25 Greek bond issuance meets headwinds...(116 KB)
download24 Sovereign credit risk increases as Fitch downgrades Greek banks...(117 KB)
download23 World equities in mixed outturns...(118 KB)
download22 Treasuries lower ahead of debt auctions...(157 KB)

download19 U.S. CPI up marginally, but core inflation falls...(73 KB)
download18 China cuts holdings of U.S. Treasuries by record amount...(109 KB)
download17 Global equities up on earnings & economic reports...(115 KB)
download16 Fallout from Greek debt situation continues...(113 KB)
download10 Dubai’s government bond risk jumps to highest since November... (157 KB)

download04 Global markets: stocks and oil down, U.S. Treasuries up... (157 KB)
download03 Corporate bond risks in Europe to fall...(151 KB)
download02 Global equities bounce back from 3-month lows...(143 KB)
download01 Treasuries fell before reports on jobs and manufacturing...(153 KB)

January 2010
 EM equity funds suffer outflows...(160 KB)
download28 Global equities bounce-back on improving sentiment...(160 KB)
download27 Growing signs of sovereign debt tensions...(111 KB)
download26 Emerging market assets continue slump...(117 KB)
download25 Diminishing global interest in corporate bonds...(100 KB)

download22 U.S. financial regulators to toughen rules without Congressional Support...(77 KB)
download21 EM equities slump on China and India concern...(149 KB)
download20 China lending concerns weigh on global equities...(124 KB)
download19 Foreign demand for U.S. Treasuries jumps in November...(111 KB)

download15 International money-market rates remain low..(80 KB).
download14 World stock markets edge mostly higher...(121 KB)
download13 EM equities slide the most in almost two months...(77 KB)
download12 Treasuries advance before today’s debt auction..(155 KB).
download11 New sovereign bond offering from Poland...(151 KB)

download08 U.S. December unemployment rate holds steady at high level...139 KB)
download07 Asian bonds rally in the wake of Philippine international issue...(154 KB)
download06 New bond issues from EM sovereigns...(117 KB) 
download05 Emerging-market mutual funds post record inflow in 2009...(74 KB)
download04 Global equities kick-off 2010 on an upbeat note...(69 KB)

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