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Daily Brief Archive - 2011

Daily Briefs published in 2011

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 Spanish and Italian bonds rally, leading advances in euro-zone debt...(116 KB)
15 U.S. treasuries extend gain amid lingering European debt concerns...(78 KB)
14 Italy sells new government debt at record high yield...(120 KB)
13 European market sentiment improves on German investor confidence...(116 KB)

09 For the fourth successive month US consumer sentiment rises...(109 KB
08 U.S. treasuries weaken on ECB and U.S. jobless claims report...(114 KB)
07 European market sentiment weakens amid renewed pessimism...(153 KB)
06 S&P warns 15 euro-nations of credit downgrades...(154 KB)
05 Emerging market equities continue to advance amid greater European optimism...(155 KB)

02 Italian and Spanish debt advances amid growing aid optimism...(120 KB)
01 U.S. four-week unemployment claims stays below 400,00 mark despite increase...(121 KB)

 European shares surged as central banks add dollar liquidity...(117 KB)
29 U.S. consumer confidence rebounds sharply...(119 KB)
28 U.S. treasuries drop amid strong U.S. retail sales and growing European debt optimism...(71 KB)

22 Egyptian markets tumble on political crisis...(113 KB)
21 U.S. treasuries advance amid U.S. deficit gridlock and lingering European debt woes...(105 KB)

18 Italian and Spanish bonds advance following ECB buying...(72 KB)
17 Oil price retreats from 5-month high amid signs European debt crisis is worsening...(119 KB)
16 U.S. Treasuries gain amid European debt woes and cooling U.S. CPI...(114 KB)
15 Emerging market equities fall as rising Europe borrowing costs revive concern...(110 KB)
14 Eurozone Industrial Production Contracts in October...(150 KB)

11 Eurozone growth projected to slowdown sharply in 2012...(148 KB)
10 Oil prices climb to the highest level in more than three months...(116KB)
09 European shares and euro slump amid mounting Italian debt concerns...(154 KB)
08 European banks are selling off government debt of highly-indebted Eurozone nations...(77 KB)
07 Italy’s borrowing cost rises to Euro-era high...(119 KB)

04 EM equities climb the most in a week amid easing concerns over European debt crisis...(150 KB)
03 European equities rally, while Greek bond yields climb above 100%...(150 KB)
02 Greek bond yields climb over 90% for the first time...(149 KB)

31 European bonds and stocks turn lower amid European debt concerns...(111 KB)

28 Japanese output shrinks in September; employment conditions improve...(64 KB)
27 European deal boosts market sentiment...(72 KB)
26 Global markets: equities advance, government bonds retreat...(71 KB)
25 Emerging market equities climb to five week high...(72 KB)
24 Euro retreats from a six-week high, reversing last week’s rally...(107 KB)

20 Emerging market equities head for the biggest decline in two weeks...(73 KB)
19 Turkeys’ foreign reserves tumble in the wake of currency intervention...(113 KB)
18 U.S. treasuries extend gain as Moody’s warns possible downgrade on France...(121 KB)
17 European stock markets retreat following German government’s debt comments...(117 KB)

14 U.S. retail sales beat forecasts on the upside in September...(70 KB)
13 U.S. treasuries gain as global stocks’ rally fades...(111 KB)
12 European stock markets rally to 5-week high on Slovakia revote hope...(74 KB)
11 Consumer confidence in Japan rises to highest level in six months...(150 KB)

07 Moody’s downgrades 12 U.K. banks and 9 Portuguese institutions...(164 KB)
06 Global equities remain upbeat amid growing European hopes...(148 KB)
05 Syndicated bank lending to Asia declines in the third quarter...(147 KB)
03 Global equities retreat amid renewed fears of Greek default...(68 KB)

September 2011
 Global equity market are headed for their worst quarter since 2008...(70 KB)
29 Government bonds of troubled euro-zone countries climb... (149 KB)
28 Stock volatility index remains elevated... (155 KB)
27 Global markets: equities and commodities rally, government bonds continue to fall...(116 KB)

22 Global markets: equities and commodities fall sharply...(74 KB)
 Greek bonds continue to slide following EU & IMF bailout conference...(116 KB)
20 S&P’s cuts Italy’s credit rating for the first time in five years...(116 KB)
19 European sovereign credit risk rises amid Greek default fears...(116 KB)

16 U.S. equities extend their gains amid euro-zone optimism...(153 KB)
15 Euro continues to rebound as European leaders pledge to keep supporting Greece...(72 KB)
14 U.S. and German government bonds decline...(150 KB)
13 Borrowing cost climbs at Italian bond auction as debt crisis deepens...(68 KB)
12 Global equities retreat amid Greek default concerns...(116 KB)

09 Credit risk for European sovereigns, and commercial bank debt rises to fresh highs...(152 KB)
08 Sovereign credit risk for Greece rises to new record high...(72 KB)
07 European stocks gain for the first time in four days, led by German stocks...(76 KB)
06 Greek bonds plunge amid growing default fears (74 KB)

August 2011 - On Recess

July 2011
 U.S. Initial claims drop to 3-month low...(71 KB)
27 U.S. durable goods demand slides...(141 KB)
26 U.S housing sector continues to struggle...(143 KB)
25 Greek debt downgraded closer to default; business confidence in Europe plummets...(117 KB)

22  In yesterday’s Euro Area Heads of State summit conference...(132 KB)
20 U.S. Senate “Gang-of-6” U.S. offer new proposal on debt ceiling...(121 KB)
19 German investor expectations give further ground in July...(71 KB)
18 Concerns over the U.S. debt ceiling did not affect foreign demand...(68 KB) 

15 Greek, Irish, and Portuguese bond yields soar to new record highs...(85 KB)
14 U.S. treasuries slip on Moody’s downgrade warning...(115 KB)
13 Moody’s cuts Ireland’s credit rating by a notch to junk status...(121 KB)
12 Oil prices slide for a third day on fears of worsening European debt crisis..(69 KB)
11 French Industrial production bounces back strongly...(117 KB)

07 Sharp sugar price increases drive FAO’s food price index close to record high...(117 KB)
06 Moody’s cuts Portugal’s credit rating by four notches to junk status... (117 KB)
05 Moody’s warns on China’s domestic debt...(119 KB)

June 2011
 European bonds rally on news that German banks agree on Greek debt rollover...(70 KB)
29 Global equities rally as Greece passes austerity measures...(134 KB)
28 Oil price rebound from near four-month low..(72 KB)
27 European banks appear to be ready for Greek rollover plan..(68 KB)

24 European Union pledge Greek aid...(68 KB)
23 Sovereign credit risk for Europe rises to a record high...(74 KB)
22 U.S. treasuries gain before Fed statement...(85 KB)
21 Emerging market equities bounce back amid easing Greek concerns...(75 KB)

15 U.S. treasuries advance amid weak manufacturing data...(104 KB)
14 Greece sells €1.625 billion of Treasury bills following a rating cut...(154 KB)
13 Emerging market equities retreat to three-week low...(108 KB)

10 More upbeat view for U.S. growth in second-half 2011...(108 KB)
09 Credit risk for Greek, Irish, and Portuguese debt increases to record highs..(108 KB)
08 World Bank sees Global recovery facing headwinds...(157 KB)
06 European stocks extend their loss amid lingering Greek concerns...(69 KB)

03 Mutual fund inflows to EM equities turn positive...(67 KB)
02 Moody’s cuts Greece’s credit rating by three notches to junk level...(157 KB)
 Manufacturing activity slows down globally...(102 KB)

May 2011
 U.S. home prices fall to lowest level since housing bubble burst in 2006...(112 KB)

27 U.S. consumer spending rose a weaker than expected 0.4% in April. ...(142 KB)
26 Government bonds from the euro-zone’s most indebted countries advance...(147 KB)
25 U.S. treasuries gained, pushing yields below 6-month lows...(105 KB)
24 Emerging market equities bounce back amid a rally in commodity prices...(110KB)
23 European markets hit by deepening debt concern...(73 KB)

20 Crude oil futures slumps on the downbeat economic data...(64 KB)
19 European government bonds decline amid new debt auctions...(72 KB)
18 Emerging market equities rebound amid rising commodity prices...(72 KB)
17 U.S. treasuries advance amid weak housing data... (100 KB)
16 Builder confidence in U.S. housing market continues to remain at low levels...(102 KB)

13 Treasuries turn higher amid easing inflation concerns...(102 KB)
12 Emerging market equities retreat erases all year-to-date gains...(111 KB)
11 Oil prices continue to retreat after larger-than-estimated increase...(67 KB)
10 Greek bonds advance amid speculation of a second aid package...(107 KB)
09 S&P cuts Greece’s credit rating by two notches amid restructuring fears...(158 KB)

06 Commodity prices continue to sink amid panic sell-off..(71 KB)
05 U.S. treasuries advance for a six straight session...(70 KB)

03 Oil prices retreat as the dollar rebounds...(71 KB)
02 Emerging market equities rise to almost three-year high...(71 KB)

April 2011
 Indonesia issues its first dollar bond of the year...(109 KB)
27 Treasury yields approach the lowest level in a month...(111 KB)
25 Concerns about European debt crisis are growing...(67 KB)

21 German business confidence dips for second month...(66 KB)
19 Oil prices retreat amid demand concern...(106 KB)

13 Oil prices edge up on Kuwait export halt...(67 KB)
11 Treasury 10-year break-even rates climbs to 3-year high...(73 KB)

08 U.S. wholesale inventories up, but sales have minor setback...(104 KB)
07 U.S. initial unemployment claims decline...(142 KB)
05 Moody’s cut Portugal’s credit rating amid bailout concern...(118 KB)
04 Oil prices surge to 30-month high...(64 KB)
 US unemployment rate dips further down...(100 KB)

April 2011
 Concerns about European debt crisis are growing...(67 KB)
21 German business confidence dips for second month...(66 KB)
19 Oil prices retreat amid demand concern...(106 KB)
13 Oil prices edge up on Kuwait export halt...(67 KB)
11 Treasury 10-year break-even rates climbs to 3-year high...(73 KB)

08 U.S. wholesale inventories up, but sales have minor setback...(104 KB)
07 U.S. initial unemployment claims decline...(142 KB)
05 Moody’s cut Portugal’s credit rating amid bailout concern...(118 KB)
04 Oil prices surge to 30-month high...(64 KB)
 US unemployment rate dips further down...(100 KB)

 Initial unemployment claims fall for third successive week...(66 KB)
30 Emerging market equities rose to two-month high...(71 KB)
29 Treasuries turn lower before 5-year note auction...(64 KB)
28 Oil prices continue to retreat as Libyan rebels gain ground...(63 KB)

25 S&P cuts Portugal’s credit rating by two notches...(210 KB)
24 Pace of firing in US continues its slowdown...(71 KB)
23 Egypt shares tumble after resuming trading after an almost two-month halt...(107 KB)
22 Treasuries decline for a fourth straight session...(139 KB)
21 Stock market volatility rose as much as 46% last week...(102 KB)

18 Producer prices in Germany escalate...(68 KB)
17 Treasuries turn lower amid profit taking...(68 KB)
16 Moody’s cut Portugal’s credit rating by two notches...(157 KB)
15 Emerging market equities slide the most in 8 months...(71 KB)
14 Japan’s natural calamity will impact the world economy...(65 KB)

11 Portuguese 5-year bond yields rose to a record...(65 KB)
10 Moody’s downgrade Spain’s credit rating and warn further cuts...(155 KB)
9 Treasuries turn higher on high fuels costs and renewed European debt concerns...(155 KB)
8 Greek borrowing costs and swap spread rose to record...(71 KB)
7 Moody’s lower Greek rating by three levels...(152 KB)

4 Oil prices continue to climb amid escalating Libya conflicts...(71 KB)
3 Oil prices decline amid talk of Libya crisis resolution plan...(71 KB)
2 Global equities slump amid persisting unrest in the Middle East...(75 KB)
1 Oil prices rise on continued turmoil in MENA region...(118 KB)

 Treasuries climb to 1-month high amid rising demand for safe-haven asset...(95 KB)

25 Oil prices remain elevated as Libya unrest continues...(67 KB)
23 Initial claims 4-week moving average drops to lowest level...(67 KB)
22 Housing market difficulties continue, even as US economy recovers...(147 KB)

18 Robust demand for U.S. Treasury inflation-indexed bond...(117 KB)
17 Credit risk rises across Middle East as Bahrain unrest worsens...(75 KB)
16 China reduces its U.S. Treasury holdings...(108KB)
15 Treasuries pare losses amid weaker-than-expected January retail sales...(70KB)
14 Partial privatization of Russia’s VTB Bank raises $3.3 billion...(70 KB)

11 U.S. trade deficit widens for second consecutive month...(64 KB)
10 Treasuries turn lower on encouraging jobless claims data...(109 KB)
9 Emerging market equities continue to slump..(124 KB).
8 Egypt’s sovereign risk slides to lowest since protests...(152 KB)
7 Egypt sells treasury bill as borrowing cost surges to a 2-year high...(104 KB)

4 Crisis in Egypt could affect global economy though higher oil prices...(73 KB)
3 U.S. Treasury prices slip after favorable unemployment claims data...(157 KB)
2 Ireland’s credit rating lowered by Standard & Poor’s...(158 KB)
1 S&P downgrades Egypt's credit rating amid lingering political tensions...(151 KB)

 Treasuries rebound after the latest debt auction...(177 KB)
download26 Emerging market equities gained the most in 2 weeks...(75 KB)
download25 First bond issue by euro-zone stabilization fund well received...(113 KB)
download24 China's corporate bond sales start 2011 at a record pace...(119 KB)

download21 German business sentiment jumps in January...(144 KB)
download20 Emerging market stocks drop on China rate concerns...(77 KB)
download19 Borrowing costs for Portugal fall following new debt sale...(78 KB)
download18 European shares climb to new highs...(71 KB)

download12 World Bank projects steady global growth in 2011 and 2012...(112 KB)
download11 Sovereign bonds from troubled euro-zone countries advance..(68 KB)
download10 European shares fall on renewed debt worries...(73 KB)

download07 Portuguese and Spanish bonds fell amid concerns over next week’s debt auctions...(117 KB)
download06 Philippine and Turkey kick-start EM bond issuance for 2011...(72 KB)
download05 Eurozone service sector activity on two-track speed...(75 KB)
download04 Emerging market stocks extend gains for sixth day...(119 KB)
download03 For the 17th month running, US manufacturing activity grew in December... (105 KB)

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