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Republic of Uganda. 2014. Poverty Status Report 2014: Structural Change and Poverty Reduction in Uganda. Economic Development Policy and Research Department. Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development. November. (MAMS-related materials are found on pp. 44-54 and 125-126.)

Republic of Uganda. Millennium Development Goals Report for Uganda 2013. Special theme: Drivers of MDG Progress in Uganda and Implications for the Post-2015 Development Agenda. (Section 3 of the report, "Progress toward the MDGs" [pp. 41-59] is based on simulations with MAMS.)

World Bank. 2011. Demography and Economic Growth in Uganda. Report No. 63165-UG. Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit. Africa Region. December. Washington, D.C. (For MAMS-related materials, based on background note prepared by Hans Lofgren, see pp. 18-22, 40, and 69-75.)

Matovu, John Mary, Evarist Twimukye, Albert Musisi and Sebastian Levine. 2013. “Uganda” in Sanchez, Marco V., and Rob Vos. Financing Human Development in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The United Nations Series on Development. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

Matovu, John Mary, Evarist Twimukye, Albert Musisi, and Sebastian Levine. 2011. Country Study: Assessing Development Strategies to Achieve the MDGs in the Republic of Uganda. United Nations Department for Social and Economic Affairs, March. A Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for Uganda was built as part of the study. This study of Uganda is part of the broader project Realizing the Millennium Development Goals through Socially Inclusive Macroeconomic Policies, carried out by the Development Policy and Analysis Division (DPAD) of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN/DESA) together with the UNDP, the World Bank, and country teams and related institutions, in the case of Uganda, Economic Policy Research Center; Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development; and UNDP in Uganda.

Kinnunen. Jouko. 2009. Family Planning, Human Development and Growth in Uganda (489 KB). Presentation given at the "Twelfth Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis" held June 10-12 in Santiago, Chile. The presentation was based on a paper with the same title by Jouko Kinnunen, Hans Lofgren, and Dino Merotto.

Lofgren, Hans, and Carolina Diaz-Bonilla. 2008. "Scaling Up Aid in Uganda: a MAMS-based Analysis." A presentation offered as part of the two-day "Module 7: Evaluating the Poverty Impacts of Economy-Wide Policies" of the DEC course, "Poverty and Inequality Analysis." April 14. World Bank. Washington, D.C. Information about the course and a full set of course materials are found at

World Bank. 2007. "Introduction to MAMS: a Tool for Analysis of Development Strategies." A two-day course conducted by Hans Lofgren and Jouko Kinnunen for 15 trainees from the Ministry of Finance, other government agencies, and local research institutes, December 10-11 in Kampala.

World Bank. 2007. Uganda: Moving Beyond Recovery – Investment & Behavior Change, For Growth. Country Economic Memorandum. Volume 1: Summary and Recommendations (6 MB). Volume 2: Overview (1.96 MB). Country Economic Memorandum. World Bank Report No. 39221-UG. Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit. Africa Region. September. Washington, D.C. (For MAMS-related material, prepared by Hans Lofgren and Carolina Diaz-Bonilla, see Vol. II, pp. 128-147.)

 Lofgren, Hans, and Carolina Diaz-Bonilla. 2006. Patterns of Growth and Public Spending in Uganda: Alternative Scenarios for 2003-2020. Draft. October 11. Background paper for Uganda: Moving Beyond Recovery – Investment & Behavior Change, For Growth. Country Economic Memorandum. (See above.)

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