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Sánchez, Marco V., and Mohammed Chemingui. 2013. “Tunisia” in Sanchez, Marco V., and Rob Vos. Financing Human Development in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The United Nations Series on Development. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

Chemingui, Mohamed A.M., and Marco V. Sánchez. 2011. Country Study: Assessing Development Strategies to Achieve the MDGs in the Republic of Tunisia. United Nations Department for Social and Economic Affairs, October. A Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) for Tunisia was built as part of the study. This study of Tunisia is part of the broader project Realizing the Millennium Development Goals through Socially Inclusive Macroeconomic Policies, carried out by the Development Policy and Analysis Division (DPAD) of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN/DESA) together with the UNDP, the World Bank, and country teams and related institutions, in the case of Tunisia, the Economic Development and NEPAD Division, Economic Commission for Africa (ECA); and United Nations Department for Social and Economic Affairs.

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