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As part of the non-lending technical assistance program “Paraguay Poverty and Equity” the World Bank is offering training on MAMS to officials at Paraguay’s Secretaría Técnica de Planificación del Desarrollo Económico y Social (STP), which depends on the Presidency. Going forward, STP’s officials plan to use the model for forward-looking distributional analysis of issues facing Paraguay’s economy, including investment in infrastructure and spending in education and health sectors. The training and technical supervision is provided by Martin Cicowiez (CEDLAS-Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina). The project is led by Maria Ana Lugo of the World Bank. Funding for the activity is provided by the PSIA (Poverty Social Impact Analysis) Trust Fund, through the activity “Capacity building in Paraguay on tools for distributional analysis” (TF017321). This activity started in the fall of 2014 and is expected to end in June 2015.

World Bank. 2013. A Public Expenditure Review for Paraguay: The quest for optimal tax and expenditure policies for shared prosperity. Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay Country Management Unit, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management, Latin America and the Caribbean Region. Report No. 78194-PY. Volumes 1 and 2. For MAMS-based analysis, done by Carolina Diaz-Bonilla and Martin Cicowiez, see Volume 1, pp. xiii, 9-11, 25, 49-50, and Volume 2, pp. 142-160 (Chapter 4, titled “Assessing the Poverty and Social Impact of Fiscal Policies and External Shocks in Paraguay”).

Biederman, Gustavo y Jorge Corvalán. 2008. "Paraguay". De próxima publicación como el Capítulo 18 en Políticas Públicas para el Desarrollo Humano: ¿Cómo lograr los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio en América Latina y el Caribe? Editado por Rob Vos, Enrique Ganuza, Hans Lofgren, Marco V. Sánchez y Carolina Díaz-Bonilla. PNUD — ONU/DAES — Banco Mundial — ONU/CEPAL. Material de la portada preliminar disponible en:  Español (82 KB) English (51 KB).

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