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Bogetic, Zeljko, Maurizio Bussolo, and Denis Medvedev. 2008. Achieving Accelerated and Shared Growth in Ghana: A MAMS-based Analysis of Costs and Opportunities (204 KB). World Bank Policy Research Paper No. 4523. Washington, D.C. February.

World Bank. 2008. "Introduction to Policy Analysis with MAMS in GAMS for Ghana." A one-week course offered June 2-7 to seven Ghanian officials from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning by a team from the World Bank's Development Prospects Group with inputs from other World Bank staff. Hans Lofgren was the course coordinator and main instructor.

Bussolo, Maurizio, and Denis Medvedev. 2007. Accelerated Growth and MDG Achievement in Ghana: A General Equilibrium Analysis of Fiscal Policy Alternatives (388 KB). Presentation given at the Poverty Reduction, Equity and Growth Network (PEGNet) Conference, held in Berlin, September 6-7.

Bussolo, Maurizio, and Denis Medvedev. 2007. Challenges to MDG Achievement in Low-Income Countries: Lessons for Ghana and Honduras (722 KB). World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 4383. World Bank, Development Prospects Group. Washington, D.C. November. Also issued under the same title in pp. 65-96 of editors John Cockburn and Martin Valdivia. 2008. "Reaching the MDGs: An International Perspective (1.18 MB). Papers prepared as contributions to a researcher-stakeholder forum on 'Reaching the MDGs: An International Perspective (Lima, Peru, June 12, 2007) co-organized by the Poverty and Economic Policy (PEP) Research Network, the Grupo de Analisis para el Desarollo (GRADE), Universidad del Pacifico and the Network on Inequality and Poverty (NIP).

World Bank. 2007. Ghana: Meeting the Challenge of Accelerated and Shared Growth. Country Economic Memorandum. World Bank Report No. 40934-GH. PREM 4. Africa Region. November 28. (For MAMS-based materials, prepared by Zeljko Bogetic, Maurizio Bussolo,and Denis Medvedev, see Vol. I: Synthesis (546 KB), pp. 52-72.)

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