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Relying on MAMS, a World Bank study of Chilean fiscal reforms analyzes the consequences of tax reforms and investments in education, focusing on macroeconomic and distributive aspects. The reforms chosen for analysis include i) changes in the income tax structure: increased taxation of capital incomes and elimination of incentives to defer tax payments; and ii) indirect tax measures comprising introduction of green taxes, and increased excise tax rates on tobacco, and sweetened and alcoholic beverages. The team task leader is Rong Qian of the World Bank’s Macro and Fiscal Management Global Practice (MFM GP). The MAMS analysis is carried out by Calvin Djiofack (MFM GP) and Carmen Estrades (Consultant) in collaboration with Hans Lofgren of DECPG. The study will be completed during FY2015.

Mardones Poblete, Cristian, 2010, Evaluando Reformas Tributarias en Chile con un Modelo CGE (Evaluating Tax Reforms in Chile with a CGE Model), Estudios de Economía, Vol. 37 - Nº 2, Diciembre 2010. Págs. 243-284

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O'Ryan, Raúl, Carlos de Miguel y Camilo Lagos. 2008. "Chile" De próxima publicación como el Capítulo 7 en Políticas Públicas para el Desarrollo Humano: ¿Cómo lograr los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio en América Latina y el Caribe? Editado por Rob Vos, Enrique Ganuza, Hans Lofgren, Marco V. Sánchez y Carolina Díaz-Bonilla. PNUD — ONU/DAES — Banco Mundial — ONU/CEPAL. Material de la portada preliminar disponible en:  Español (82 KB) English (51 KB).

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