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Congo, Republic of


World Bank. 2011. Republic of Congo. Employment and Growth Study: From jobless to inclusive growth. Poverty Reduction and Economic Management 3. Africa Region. Findings from MAMS-based analysis, carried out by Hannah Nielsen and Hans Lofgren, are summarized on pp. 56-58.

Nielsen, Hannah, and Hans Lofgren. 2011. How important is the efficiency of government investment? The case of the Republic of Congo. World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 5901. December.

Nielsen, Hannah and Hans Lofgren. 2011. “L’impact des politiques gouvernementales sur la croissance et l’emploi”. Presentation (in French) with preliminary results given by Hannah Nielsen at a workshop with some 70 participants from government, academia, other donors and the private sector. The workshop, which was held in Brazzaville on March 21, 2011, covered a series of background papers to the Employment and Growth Study.

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