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Burkina Faso


World Bank. 2010. Burkina Faso: Promoting Growth, Competitiveness and Diversification. Country Economic Memorandum. Volumes 1, 2, and 3. Report No. 51815-BF. PREM 4, Africa Region. (MAMS-based analysis in Volume 3, pp. 8-26 [Chapter “Coping with Population Growth”] and pp. 97-122 [Chapter “Policy Options for Fiscal Space and Structural Changes — A Model-based Analysis”] and pp. 126-138 (Appendices). The MAMS-based analysis was carried out by Jan Gottschalk (IMF), Vu Le (IMF), Hans Lofgren, and Kofi Nouve.

Gottschalk, Jan (IMF). 2009. "Analyzing Fiscal Space Using MAMS: An Application to Burkina Faso." (421 KB) Presentation given at Informal Lunchtime Seminar, IMF Washington, D.C., April 8. The presentation was based on joint World Bank – IMF analysis (by Jan Gottschalk, Jan, Le Vu, Hans Lofgren, and Kofi Nouve) for a forthcoming Burkina Faso Country Economic Memorandum report.

Gottschalk, Jan, Vu Manh Le, Hans Lofgren, Hans, Kofi Nouve. 2009. Analyzing Fiscal Space Using the MAMS Model: An Application to Burkina Faso. IMF Working Paper 09/227.

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