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As part of the project “Strengthening Macroeconomic and Social Policy Coherence through Integrated Macro-Micro Modelling,” the Development Policy and Analysis Division (DPAD) of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN/DESA) is undertaking an activity in Bolivia that (a) strengthens capacity in integrated (MAMS-based) CGE and micro-simulation modeling; and (b) applies this approach to policy analysis related to MDGs and human development. The project draws on MAMS materials developed by the World Bank. In this activity, the national counterpart of DPAD is the Social and Economic Policy Analysis Unit (UDAPE) of the Ministry of Economic Development. Support is provided by UNDP in Bolivia and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). Expected completion is in 2013.

Jiménez, Wilson, Mirna Mariscal y Gustavo Canavire. 2008. "Bolivia". De próxima publicación como el Capítulo 5 en Políticas Públicas para el Desarrollo Humano: ¿Cómo lograr los Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio en América Latina y el Caribe? Editado por Rob Vos, Enrique Ganuza, Hans Lofgren, Marco V. Sánchez y Carolina Díaz-Bonilla. PNUD — ONU/DAES — Banco Mundial — ONU/CEPAL. Material de la portada preliminar disponible en:  Español (82 KB)  English (51 KB).

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