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Republic of Benin (Ministry of Economy and Finance) and UNDP. 2010. Financing Strategy for Achieving MDGs in Benin: Fiscal Policy and Public Development Aid. August (in French; French title: Strategies de Financement pour l’Atteinte des OMD au Benin : Politique Fiscale et Aide Publique au Développement).

The study was conducted as part of the UNDP project “Support for the operationalization of MDGs, SCRP and DHD”. It analyses strategies for achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Benin with alternative financing schemes. The members of the team: Mohamed Ali Marouani, team leader (Université Paris1-Panthéon-Sorbonne and DIAL), Janvier Alofa (Economist, UNDP), André-Felix Sossou (project manager), Bachir Souberou (Director of Planning Division, Ministry of Economy and Finance), Anda-Mariana David (Université Paris-Dauphine and DIAL),  Aristide Medenou (Head of Monitoring Unit, Ministry of Economy and Finance) and Touhami Abdelkhalek (INSEA Rabat). The study was concluded by a workshop organized in Cotonou in December 2009 to discuss the results of the project with various national stakeholders and propose improvements. This workshop was preceded by a training seminar on MAMS and on the microsimulation module built for analyzing the impact of the various reforms on monetary poverty and inequality. The training course was financed by GTZ and provided by Mohamed Ali Marouani and Anda-Mariana David to a group of civil servants from various institutions in Benin.

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