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Global Agricultural Trade and Developing Countries

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Global Agricultural Trade and Developing Countries explores the outstanding issues in global agricultural trade policy and evolving world trade production and trade patterns. Its coverage of agricultural trade issues ranges from the details of cross-cutting policy issues to the highly distorted agricultural trade regimes of industrial countries and detailed studies of agricultural commodities of economic importance to many developing countries.

The book aims to bring together the background issues and findings to guide researchers and policymakers in their global negotiations and domestic policies on agriculture. It also explores the key questions for global agricultural policies, both the impacts of current trade regimes ad the implications of reform.

The first part of the book replies the broad, cross-cutting questions raised by researchers and policymakers about agricultural trade regimes and trade performance. The answers to these will give a clearer picture of global agricultural policies and reforms.

Part I: Global Protection and Trade in Agriculture
downloadChapter 2: (149 KB) The Evolution of Agricultural Trade Flows
downloadChapter 3: (151 KB) Global Agricultural Trade Policies
downloadChapter 4:(163 KB) The Impact of Agricultural Trade Preferences, with Particular Attention to the Least-Developed Countries
downloadChapter 5: (132 KB) Experience with Decoupling Agricultural Support
downloadChapter 6: (204 KB) Agro-Food Exports from Developing Countries: The Challenges Posed by Standards
downloadChapter 7: (184 KB) Global Agricultural Reform: What is at Stake?

The book’s second part complements these broad answers with detailed studies of commodities that are representative of the export bundle of developing countries.

Part II: The Commodity Studies
downloadChapter 8: (177 KB) Sugar Policies: An Oportunity for Change
downloadChapter 9: (146 KB) Dairy: Assessing World Markets and Policy Reforms: Implications for Developing Countries
downloadChapter 10: (153 KB) Rice: Global Trade, Protectionist Policies, and the Impact of Trade Liberalization
downloadChapter 11: (176 KB) Wheat: The Global Markets, Policies, and Priorities
downloadChapter 12: (176 KB) Groundnuts Policies, Global Trade Dynamics, and the Impact of Trade Liberalization
downloadChapter 13: (176 KB) Fruits and Vegetables: Global Trade and Competition in Fresh and Processed Product Markets
downloadChapter 14: (148 KB) Cotton: Market Setting, Trade Policies, and Issues
downloadChapter 15: (178 KB) Seafood: Trade Liberalization and impacts on Sustainability
downloadChapter 16: (140 KB) Coffee: Market Setting and Policies
downloadIndex: (113 KB)


This book was prepared by the Prospects Group in DEC and the Trade Group in PREM, with support and feedback from the Trade Group in Research Department of DEC, Development Economics Vice Presidency and the Bank’s operational units. The book was edited by Ataman Aksoy and John Beghin, with guidance from the former and current Chief Economists, Nicholas Stern and François Bourguignon, and the Director of the Prospects Group and the Trade Department, Uri Dadush.

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