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Africa Migration Project

The Africa Migration Project was was undertaken jointly by the African Development Bank and the World Bank to improve our understanding of migration and remittances in Sub-Saharan Africa, including their magnitude, causes, and impacts on poverty reduction, with a view to generating informed policy recommendations.


Leveraging Migration in Africa
Leveraging Migration in Africa
Leveraging Migration in Africa

Leveraging Migration in Africa

Remittance Markets in Africa

Diaspora for Development in Africa

Leveraging Migration for Africa: Remittances, Skills, and Investments

By Dilip Ratha, Sanket Mohapatra, Caglar Ozden, Sonia Plaza, William Shaw, and Abebe Shimeles

March 30, 2011— Leveraging Migration for Africa is the first comprehensive publication on harnessing migration, remittances, and other diaspora resources for the development of Africa. It comes at a time when countries in Africa and elsewhere are grappling with difficult choices on how to manage migration.

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Leveraging Migration in Africa

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Entire report: English | Français

Introduction and Summary

Chapter 1: Migration Patterns and Policies in Africa

Chapter 2: Migrant Remittances

Chapter 3: Migration of the Highly Skilled

Chapter 4: Harnessing the Resources of the Diaspora

Household survey data on migration and remittances

We are providing open and free access to data collected through the Migration and Remittances Household Surveys conducted for the Africa Migration Project jointly undertaken by the African Development Bank and the World Bank. The Migration and Remittances Unit of the World Bank conducted in collaboration with institutions and individuals in Burkina Faso, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda.

Access household survey data here 

Please refer to the following paper for methodology and main findings of the surveys:

Plaza, Sonia, Mario Navarrete, and Dilip Ratha, 2011. Migration and Remittances Household Surveys: Methodological Issues and New Findings from Sub-Saharan Africa, 2011. Washington, D.C.: World Bank. (Africa Migration Project, Migration and Remittances Unit, World Bank).

Remittance Markets in Africa

Edited by Sanket Mohapatra and Dilip Ratha

This book presents findings of surveys of remittance service providers conducted in eight Sub-Saharan African countries and in three key destination countries. It looks at issues relating to costs, competition, innovation and regulation, and discusses policies to leverage remittances for development. Read E-book | Watch Book Launch Videos | Purchase book.

Leveraging Migration in Africa

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Entire report

Chapter 1: Overview

Chapter 2: Burkina Faso

Chapter 3: Cape Verde


Chapter 4: Ethiopia

Chapter 5: Ghana

Chapter 6: Kenya

Chapter 7: Nigeria

Chapter 8: Senegal

Chapter 9: Uganda

Chapter 10: France

Chapter 11: UK

Diaspora for Development in Africa

Edited by Sonia Plaza and Dilip Ratha

The diaspora of developing countries can be a potent force for development through remittances, but also through the promotion of trade, investment, and knowledge and technology transfers.Diaspora for Development in Africa aims to consolidate research and evidence on these issues with a view to formulating policies in both sending and receiving countries. Policies to maximize the benefi ts of the diaspora are presented in this book.

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Leveraging Migration in Africa 

Download report:

Entire report

Front matter

Overview chapter: Harnessing Diaspora Resources for Africa 

Chapter 1:Diasporas of the South: Situating the African Diaspora in Africa

Chapter 2: Another Link in the Chain: Migrant Networks and International Investment

Chapter 3: Return Migration and Small Enterprise Development in the Maghreb

Chapter 4: Diaspora Bonds: Tapping the Diaspora during Difficult Times

Chapter 5: African Diaspora Associations in Denmark

Chapter 6: The Financial Consequences of High-Skill Emigration

Chapter 7: France’s Codevelopment Program: Financial and Fiscal Incentives to Promote Diaspora Entrepreneurship and Transfers

Chapter 8: The Migration for Development in Africa Experience and Beyond

Chapter 9: Reinforcing the Contributions of African Diasporas to Development

Chapter 10: Migration and Productive Investment: A Conceptual Framework

About the study

This study was produced jointly by the African Development Bank and the World Bank as part of the Africa Migration Project.

Leveraging Migration in Africa

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