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Global Macroeconomics

The World Bank monitors international economic and financial trends, regional issues, and major commodities to construct a consistent view for the world economy and the implications and risks to growth in developing countries. The global outlook is released twice a year through Global Economic Prospects. More timely short-term monitoring of developments are issued through Daily Briefs and Focus Topics.

June 2012 cover

Developing countries should prepare a long period of volatility in the global economy by re-emphasizing medium-term development strategies, while preparing for tougher times, says the World Bank in the newly-released Global Economic Prospects June 2012.

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Forecasts and short-term monitoring

Global Economic Prospects 2012 

The World Bank says developing country growth will slow to a weak 5.3 percent in 2012.

Regular economic monitoring

Daily, weekly and monthly updates on macroeconomic indicators, analysis of economic news and global trends and review of com-modity price movements.

Data and analytical tools

Forecast Data

Reviews of commodity markets and prices, along with price forecasts, that are important to growth in developing countries.

High Frequency Data

Updates on high-frequency developments impacting the global environment for growth among developing countries.

  • Industrial production
  • Inflation
  • International trade
  • Interest rates
  • Exchange rates
  • Equity markets

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TOOL: iSimulate

A free platform for economic simulations, allowing analysts anywhere in the world to access some of the World Bank's macroeconomic models

More Resources

Prospects paper: Emerging market bond spreads: the role of world financial-market conditions and country-specific factors (Nov 2010)

Emerging market economies have enjoyed increased access to world capital markets over the past few decades, with their borrowing costs in these markets constituting important determinants of their economic development.

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