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Emerging Global Trends

"Very long-run forecasting is a hazardous activity because the uncertainties and imponderables of life have plenty of time to intrude, and bend and buck the charted path. At the same time, to craft policy that is rooted in reason and reality, we need to peer into the future with the best information, statistics, and models that we have."

Kaushik Basu, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, the World Bank

Capital for the Future: Saving and Investment in an Interdependent World

Capital for the Future: Saving and Investment in an Interdependent World

May 16, 2013 - "Capital for the Future very clearly highlights the increasing role developing countries will play in the global economy. Seventeen years from now, half the global stock of capital, totaling $158 trillion (in 2010 dollars), will reside in the developing world, compared to less than one-third today. This is undoubtedly a significant achievement. However, to reap in full the benefits of the tectonic shifts taking place, developing countries will need to significantly improve their currently limited participation in international financial markets."

Hans Timmer, Director of the Bank's Development Prospects Group

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The analytical section of this report is no longer produced. However, the Global Development Finance database is available online.

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