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The World Bank's Activities in the Cotton Sectors of West and Central African Countries




[ 1] December 2000

Cotton Reforms in West and Central Africa, and the World Bank

Articulated, for the first time, the World Bank’s position on the cotton sector reforms in West and Central Africa [appeared in the special issue of the Cotton Outlook: Cotton in the Franc Zone].

[ 2] December 2001

Identifying Price Linkages: An Application to the World Market of Cotton

Examined the degree to which cotton price are linked. It concluded that while West African and Central Asian price quotations move together, other quotations, including US, do not [Applied Economics , 33(15):1927-1941].

[ 2] May 2001

Policy Reform Experience in Cotton Markets

Studied the cotton sector reform experience of Uganda, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe [published in Commodity Market Reforms: Lessons of Two Decades, ed. Akiyama et al. Regional and Sectoral Studies, World Bank].

[ 3] July 2002

Cotton Sector Strategies in West and Central Africa

Examined the reforms required to make the cottons sectors of West and Central Africa competitive [Working Paper No. 2867, Policy Research Working Paper Series].

[ 4] December 2002

Tanzania’s Cotton Sector: Constraints and Challenges in a Global Environment

Looked at the reform process of the Tanzanian cotton sector and identified excessive regulation and taxation as major impediments for further growth of the sector [appeared in the World Bank’s Africa Region Working Paper Series and a shorter version in Development Policy Review.

[ 5] September 2003

Cotton and Developing Countries: A Case Study of Policy Incoherence

Identified policy interventions in the cotton sectors of the US and the EU and reported a detailed breakdown of the US support. It was distributed widely at the Cancun Ministerial [appeared in World Bank’s Trade Note series].

[ 6] November 2003

Reforming the Cotton Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa

Evaluated the reforms efforts in many East and West Africa cotton producing countries [appeared in World Bank’s Africa Region Working Paper Series].

[ 7] December 2003

Relationship between Cotton and Polyester Prices

Examined the relationship between cotton, polyester, and crude oil prices [presented at the FAO sponsored commodity workshop; also to appear in a volume edited by Sarris and Hallam].

[ 8] February 2004

Cotton: Market Setting, Trade Policies, and Issues

A comprehensive study which looked at the market structure and trade policy aspects of the global cotton market [Policy Research Working Paper Series, No. 3218; summary version also appeared Global Agricultural Trade and Developing Countries, ed. Aksoy and Beghin].

[ 9] March 2004

Cotton: Market Structure, Policies, and Development Issues

In addition to the market and policy information, it included a section with World Bank’s activities on the cotton sector [presented at the WTO Africa Regional Workshop on Cotton in Cotonou, March 19, 2004].

[10] June 2004

Cotton Futures Exchanges: Their Past, their Present, and Their Future

It looked at the history of cotton futures exchanges and examined the prospects that one of the recently launched (or proposed) exchanges will become successful [appeared in Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture, Vol. 43, No. 2].

[11] June 2004

The “Cotton Problem”

An updated version of the February 2004 paper with detailed information on the “Cotton Initiative” and the Brazil/US WTO cotton dispute [discussed at the  FAO-sponsored cotton consultations.

[12] July 2004

Brazil vs US: Cotton Subsidies and Implications for Development

Discussed the likely implications of the WTO Dispute Panel’s decision regarding the dispute by Brazil against the US cotton subsidies [appeared in World Bank’s Trade Note series].

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