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Economic Modeling

The Development Prospects Group of the World Bank has developed a broad set of tools for forecasting and policy analysis in the areas of macro-economics, trade, finance, income distribution, and country strategies.


  • The Global Income Distribution Dynamic (GIDD) model, is a global CGE-microsimulation framework that takes into account the macro nature of growth and integrates a microeconomic (that is, individual and household) dimension. By including 121 countries and covering 90 percent of the world population, the GIDD is the first macro-micro global simulation model.

  • The LINKAGE model is a global dynamic computable general equilibrium model which supports global trade policy analysis.

  • iSimulate is a platform for performing collaborative economic simulations across the internet. It currently hosts a number of experimental World Bank economic models, including a 150+ country global macroeconomic forecasting model, a model simulating terms-of-trade shocks, and a potential output model.
  • MAMS (Maquette for MDG Simulations) tool is a dynamic Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model designed for country-level analysis of medium- and long-run development policies, including strategies for reducing poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
  • The ENVISAGE model is designed to analyze a variety of issues related to the economics of climate change

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