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The World Bank's Development Prospects Group

The Development Prospects Group provides information and analysis on global trends in the world economy, especially on trade, financial flows, commodity prices, remittances flows, and the impact of these trends on developing countries. The Group's global projections underpin country and regional projection exercises and are central to the Bank's short-term monitoring activities.

Global Macroeconomics Team (GMT)

The team combines expertise in regional issues, market trends (world trade, financial conditions and others) and forecasting methods to construct a consistent view for global economic prospects and the implications for macroeconomic trends in developing countries. The team is responsible for issuing the Bank's outlook on the global economy through Global Economic Prospects as well as timely short-term monitoring of developments in the world environment.

The team monitors major commodity markets important to developing countries and provides forecasts and analysis of short-term price movements, including the Commodity price data (Pink Sheet), which provides monthly prices on 71 primary commodities and 16 price indices.

Migration and Remittances

The World Bank has significantly deepened its work in migration and remittances to support its operational work and undertake new analytical work on emerging topics. The latest migration and remittance data is available through the Migration and Remittance Factbook 2011. This work is undertaken by a team that combined migration expertise from the Development Economics Vice-Presidency (DEC) and the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) Network. Led by DECPG, the team leads the World Bank's contribution to the global policy agenda on migration and development and participation in global initiatives such as the Global Forum on Migration and Development, Global Migration Group, the G8 and the G20.

Emerging Global Trends

The Emerging Global Trends team monitors and analyzes medium- to long-term changes in the structure of the global economy, with an emphasis on how these changes affect growth and poverty reduction in developing countries. A report, Global Development Horizons, addresses topics such as the trend toward multipolarity in the global economy, climate change, demography, education, global inequality, and international monetary and trade arrangements.

Global Monitoring Report

The Global Monitoring Report analyzes the policies and institutions needed to make progress in achieving global development goals. Produced jointly with the IMF, these reports benchmark progress and present analytical work on issues that will impact global development.

Economic Modeling

The team has developed a broad set of tools for forecasting and policy analysis in the areas of macroeconomics, trade, finance, income distribution, and country strategies. These include the development of a new model (MAMS - Maquette for MDG Simulations) to help monitor the progress toward reaching the Millennium Development Goals, international remittances and migration. These methodologies let policymakers analyze policy scenarios and can explain not only what happened as a result of a given policy, program or project intervention, but what would have happened in its absence. An online platform, iSimulate, supports the World Bank's open data and open knowledge drive and lets users perform collaborative economic simulations across the web.

Global Macroeconomics Team (GMT)

For questions about the global macroeconomics and outlook, please contact

For questions about the Global Economic Monitoring website, please contact

For questions or comments on commodity markets, or to receive email alerts for the Commodity Markets Review, please contact

Global Monitoring and Analytics (GMA)

For questions about the Global Monitoring Report and other MDG-related issues, please contact Vandana Chandra (

For questions about the Maquette for MDG Simulations (MAMS) model, please contact Hans Lofgren (

For questions about the Global Income Distribution Dynamic (GIDD) model, please contact Israel Osorio-Rodarte and Marcio Jose Vargas da Cruz. ( (

For questions about the Global Linkage model, please contact Maryla Maliszewska(

For questions about the ENVISAGE model, please contact Maryla Maliszewska (

For questions about the iSimulate tool, please contact Praveen Kumar Raja Penmetsa and Thanh Thi Thanh Bui ( (

Migration and Remittances

For questions about the Migration and Remittances issues, please contact Dilip Ratha ( or Sonia Plaza (

Director, Development Prospects Group

Global Macroeconomics Team (GMT)

Global Modeling and Analytics (GMA)

Global Monitoring Report

Economic Modeling

Migration and Remittances


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