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Key Reports

 Global Economic Prospects
The Global Economic Prospects is a World Bank Group flagship report. On a twice yearly basis (January and June), it examines growth trends for the global economy and how they affect developing countries. The reports include three-year forecasts for the global economy and individual developing countries and regions. A focused research chapter on relevant risk scenarios has recently been introduced. 
Global Financial Development Report
The Global Financial Development Report is a new regular publication of the World Bank Group. The first issue of the report was launched in September 2012 and examined the role of the state in finance. The second issue presents and analyses a broad set of data on financial inclusion around the world. It provides policy recommendations on how to develop sustainable and inclusive financial sectors that promote financial inclusion and shared prosperity. The third report contributes to the ongoing debate on the role of long-term finance in sustaining economic development and ensuring shared prosperity.
Global Monitoring Report
The World Bank monitors how the world is doing in implementing the policies and actions for achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and related development outcomes. The Global Monitoring reports, produced jointly with the IMF, are a framework for accountability in global development policy.
Policy Research Reports (PRRs)
The World Bank's Policy Research Report series brings to a broad audience the results of World Bank research on development policy. The reports are designed to contribute to the debate on appropriate public policies for developing economies.
World Development Reports
The 2014 World Development Report examines how improving risk management can lead to larger gains in development and poverty reduction. It argues that improving risk management is crucial to reduce the negative impacts of shocks and hazards, but also to enable people to pursue new opportunities for growth. 
Doing Business
The Doing Business project provides objective measures of business regulations for local firms in 189 economies and selected cities at the subnational level.


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