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World Bank Research Digest Volume 7, Issue 1

Research Digest

The Research Digest is a quarterly publication aimed at communicating, in an accessible and timely way, the findings of research relevant for development policy. The research featured in this digest has been selected based on several criteria: it is of high quality, path-breaking, relevant for policy, and useful for the development community.

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Featured Articles

Benchmarking Global Poverty Reduction
Martin Ravallion

Rethinking the State’s Role in Finance
World Bank

Coordinating Housing and Transport Policies in Urban South Africa
Somik V. Lall, Rogier van den Brink, Basab Dasgupta, and Kay Muir Leresche.

Making Public Sector Reforms Work
Simone Bunse and Verena Fritz

Helping Women Get to Work
Petra Todd

Export Superstars
Caroline Freund and Martha Denisse Pierola

Why Did Inequality in Latin America Decline in the 2000s?
Nora Lustig, Luis Lopez-Calva, and E. Ortiz-Juarez

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