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Podcasts: Introduction to Game Theory and Strategic Thinking

Introduction to Game Theory and Strategic Thinking: Audio Recordings

Kaushik Basu is giving a 5-lecture course, at the George Washington University. The course provides a comprehensive overview of game theory, without the trappings of algebra and calculus. It is designed for Washingtonians — student, political strategist and economic policy adviser — in the belief that a modicum of game-theoretic knowledge is essential in today’s age. In these 5 lectures the student will learn the essential ideas of John von Neumann, Oskar Morgenstern, John Nash, Thomas Schelling and more contemporary game theorists, and how to apply them to a range of real-life situations, from the Cuban missile crisis, through corporate strategizing, to matters of ethics and social norms.

Listen to audio recordings of the lectures below. Please note: these are raw audio files, and the quality of sound varies.

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