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World Bank Research Digest, Volume 5, No. 4

Research Digest

The Research Digest is a quarterly publication aimed at communicating, in an accessible and timely way, the findings of research relevant for development policy. The research featured in this digest has been selected based on several criteria: it is of high quality, path-breaking, relevant for policy, and useful for the development community.


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Featured Articles

Generating Jobs in Developing Countries: Small versus Young Firms
Meghana Ayyagari, Asli Demirgüç-Kunt, and Vojislav Maksimovic

FOCUS: Measuring Trade in a World of Fragmented Production
Workshop, Program

Radio Access and Service Delivery in Benin
Philip Keefer and Stuti Khemani 

Trends in Adult Mortality around the Developing World
Damien de Walque and Deon Filmer 

Eight Questions about Brain Drain
John Gibson and David McKenzie 

Who Uses Bottled Gas in Developing Countries?
Masami Kojima, Robert Bacon, and Xin Zhou

How Much Does Infrastructure Contribute to GDP Growth? 
César Calderón, Enrique Moral-Benito, and Luis Servén 

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