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Agriculture for Development - Revisited

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Justin Lin 
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In the aftermath of the recent food, financial/economic and climate change crises, the world of agriculture has changed dramatically since the World Bank's World Development Report 2008 was published. The report reminded the development community about the key role that agriculture plays for development, and called attention to the neglect of the sector in terms of human and environmental costs, risks and foregone opportunities. The conference gathered top researchers in the field and policy makers to "revisit" the WDR 2008 and identify how the role of agriculture for development should be redefined in light of emerging trends in agriculture and lessons from recent achievements or failures in implementing policies and programs. The conference produced a rich set of research papers and policy briefs that can serve as a starting point to guide future research, policy, and investments in agriculture and rural development in developing countries. More...

Friday, October 1, 2010
PART I - Ann Harrison, chair
8.30amIntroduction Ann Harrison, The World Bank
Jean-Jacques Dethier, The World Bank
8.45-10.45amSession 1. Re-conceptualizing the role of agriculture for economic developmentAgriculture for Poverty Reduction—Revisited. Martin Ravallion, the World Bank | Presentation (151 KB PDF)
Agricultural productivity, economic growth and food security. Douglas Gollin, Williams College | Presentation (297 KB PDF)
Discussant: Pranab Bardhan, UC Berkeley
10.45-11.00am Coffee break
11.00am-1.00pmSession 2. Food price volatility and food securityManaging Domestic Price Instability. Brian Wright, UC Berkeley | Paper (366 KB PDF)
Trade Distortions and Food Price Surges. Will Martin, the World Bank (written with Kym Anderson, University of Adelaide) | Paper (270 KB PDF)
Discussant: Maximo Torero, IFPRI
1.00-2.00pm Lunch
PART II - Will Martin, chair
2.00-4.00pm Session 3. Technology adoption and a Green Revolution for Africa (ATAI project) Barriers to Farm Profitability in India: Mechanization, Scale and Credit Markets. Mark Rosenzweig, Yale University (written with Andrew Foster, Brown University) | Paper (420 KB PDF)
Adoption of Intensified Agricultural Technology in Africa. Christopher Udry, Yale University (written with Tim Conley, University of Western Ontario) | Presentation (156 KB PDF)
Discussant: David Zilberman, UC Berkeley
4.00-4.15pmCoffee break
4.15-6.15pm Session 4. New Approaches to Rural Development Governance and Smallholder Farmer Competitiveness in High Value Food Chains. Jo Swinnen, Leuven University | Paper (194 KB PDF) | Presentation (643 KB PDF)
Dial "A" for Agriculture: Using ICT for Agricultural Extension. Jenny Aker, Tufts University | Paper (492 KB PDF) | Presentation (247 KB PDF)
Discussant: Jeremy Magruder, UC Berkeley
PART III - Ethan Ligon, chair
7.30pmDinner session at UC Faculty Club. Revisiting the WDR 2008 Agriculture for Development Presentation (209 KB PDF)
Alain de Janvry, UC Berkeley
Derek Byerlee, SPIA, CGIAR
Elisabeth Sadoulet, UC Berkeley
Saturday, October 2, 2010
8.00am Breakfast (Program Participants Only)
PART IV - Jean-Jacques Dethier, chair
8.30-10.30amSession 5. Structural transformations and income diversification The Farm Size Debate. Klaus Deininger, the World Bank | Paper | Presentation (291 KB PDF)
Non-Farm Diversification and Rural Poverty Decline: A Perspective from the Indian Sample Survey and Village Study Data. Peter Lanjouw, the World Bank (written with Himanshu, JNU Delhi, Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay, ISI Delhi, and Rinku Murgai, World Bank) | Paper (227 KB PDF) | Presentation (321 KB PDF)
Discussant: Greg Traxler, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
10.30-10.45amCoffee break
10.45am-1.00pm Session 6. How to make agriculture for development into a reality: A roundtable discussion Kevin Cleaver (IFAD) | Presentation (245 KB PDF)
Karen Brooks (World Bank) | Paper (176 KB PDF)
Greg Traxler (The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) | Presentation (234 KB PDF)
1-2.30pmLunch: Research agenda and policy perspectives on Agriculture for Development Justin Lin, Chief Economist, The World Bank
Part V (by SPIA invitation) –Derek Byerlee, chair

Session 7. SPIA-CGIAR impact evaluation of the technology-poverty relation

Introductory Remarks, Derek Byerlee, Science Council/SPIA/CGIAR | Presentation (67 KB PDF)
Recent Advances in Impact Analysis Methods for Ex-post Impact Assessments of Agricultural Technology. Alain de Janvry, Andrew Dustan, and Elisabeth Sadoulet, UC Berkeley | Paper (342 KB PDF) | Presentation (112 KB PDF)

Discussion on future approaches:
Mark Rosenzweig, Yale University
Julian Alston, UC Davis | Presentation (106 KB PDF)
Mywish Maredia, Michigan State University | Presentation (110 KB PDF)
Greg Traxler, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  Closing Dinner hosted by Ann Harrison at 7.30 pm, by invitation only:
Oliveto Restaurant, 5655 College Ave, Oakland, CA 94618

*The World Development Report 2008, "Agriculture for Development," is available online.

Alain de Janvry (UC Berkeley)
Alexandra Effenberger (Brown University)
Andrew Dustan (UC Berkeley)
Ann Harrison (The World Bank)
Brian Wright (UC Berkeley)
Christopher Udry (Yale University)
David Zilberman (UC Berkeley)
Derek Byerlee (IFPRI)
Douglas Gollin (Williams College)
Elisabeth Sadoulet (UC Berkeley)
Ethan Ligon (UC Berkeley)
Greg Traxler (The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
James Stevenson (GIAR)
Jean-Jacques Dethier (The World Bank)
Jenny Aker (Tufts University)
Jeremy Magruder (UC Berkeley)
Jo Swinnen (Leuven University)
Julian Alston (UC Davis)
Justin Lin (The World Bank)
Karen Brooks (The World Bank)
Kevin Cleaver (IFAD)
Klaus Deininger (The World Bank)
Kym Anderson (University of Adelaide)
Mark Cackler (The World Bank)
Mark Rosenzweig (Yale University)
Martin Ravallion (The World Bank)
Maximo Torero (IFPRI)
Mywish Maredia (MSU)
Peter Lanjouw (The World Bank)
Pranab Bardhan (UC Berkeley)
Shivva Makki (The World Bank)
Will Martin (The World Bank)



Roundtable Discussion: How to Make Agriculture for Development into a Reality,
by Kevin Cleaver, Karen Brooks and Greg Traxler

Keynote Speech: Policy Perspectives on Agriculture for Development
by Justin Lin, Chief Economist, The World Bank

Source: UC Berkeley Events

The objective of the Berkeley conference, "Agriculture for Development–Revisited", was to take stock of the state of affairs in using agriculture for development three years after release of the World Development Report-2008 on the same subject (World Bank, 2007). This note is to provide a summary of some of the main lessons learned in this exercise. These lessons are meant to serve as background for new approaches, investments, and research initiatives in using agriculture for development. More...

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